Washington Post: The Kitchen of 2013

steph2000March 31, 2013

Crap! I might turn out to be a whole lot trendier than I thought! I wonder how many of these I will actually end up with...

Drum roll, please

The kitchen of 2013: White cabinets, quartz counters, shades of gray, LED lights, electronic faucets, satin nickel finishes and glass backsplashes.


Here is a link that might be useful: Article

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How many are you up to? I'm only a 2.5 out of 7. :-)

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Ya got me beat, I'm 1 for 7 (Led lights). Luv em.

I do like the satin nickel finishes as we bought a kinda "High rise" satin nickel finish faucet, for the bathroom, to wash dishes when we were redoing the kitchen. Luv that faucet, it stays soooo clean looking, without much work.


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2 for sure - LED and white cabinets
3 for top contender - glass tiles, quartz, satin nickel (though I might go shiny chrome)
1 probably not - shades of gray
1 for definitely not - motion faucet

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Guilty of 4 of 7; but I think 2 of the 4 will be around for a while

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I had 1/7 by the time I sold my apartment in January: LED lighting. Before I changed the under counter lighting I was at 0/7. In thoughts about the next kitchen, so far I am at 1/7 with grey.

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Only one of 7. Quartz.

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Ha! If you add in "modern cottage" and "open floating shelves", which the article also mentioned, I'm 6/9. I'm a poster child for the tragically trendy: open floating shelves, "modern cottage" vibe, LED lights, white cabinets, shades of gray, satin nickel finishes. *hanging head in shame*

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justmakeit, LOL. And hold that head up high and proud, it is on trend because it is BEAUTIFUL!!

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Huh. Reading through the article and the comments, I don't see any mention of lower drawers which are easily the greatest thing to come down the pike in ages. No full extension or soft close seemed to be worthy of a mention. One of the photos actually has standard lowers with glass doors. Hopefully the plates in there are special occasion ones since they are on the backside of an island and a mile or two away from a dishwasher. One of others has drawers, but they are 4 identical side-by-side stacks in a bread drawer size. Who thought that was a good idea?

I only made 1-3/4: LED undercab lighting and satin nickel knobs and pulls.

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Marcolo coined the term "zen cottage" for what I should be aspiring to. That's awfully, awfully close to modern cottage... now that you had to bring that up, justmakeit! LOL

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Where I live in southern Maine (but also the entire northern New England area) the vast majority of the cabinets I am asked to make are white, beaded inset shaker cabinets. 90% easily. The whiter the better.

On top is usually a honed absolute black or soap stone. I don't hardly ever see quartz or engineered. We have a local guy who does some really nice recycled glass and seashell counters. Very similar to the quartz product, but uses a cement base rather than the epoxy base.

Under cabinet lighting is per budget, but mostly LED.

Knobs and pulls are oil rubbed bronze.

Faucets are starting to get the electronic on off, but many are high end Grohe or imported from France (you want to talk about keeping the kids away from the delicate handles on those $5K faucets)

Backsplashes tend to be subway tile or tumbled with a design over the stove.

That right there in a nutshell is 90% of my work for the last 3 years. It is a really smoking hot trend. I had one kitchen with a grayish green opaque conversion varnish finish, I was so excited to see color!

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Damn - I had no idea we were so trendy. We scored at 4/7. :)

I'm willing to bet that LED lighting is not a trend in terms of fading from fashion in a few years. LED lighting is the real deal and will only become more and more ubiquitous. We are very keen on it and have declared that all new light bulbs from here on our will be LED.

Let me also say that I don't wear skinny jeans or Ugg boots. However I was considering shopping for the former this week...

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Not really sure LED is a trend, but I'll play. I only hit LED and brushed nickel. That's the trendiest I've ever been, lol.

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I'm 1.5. We have cream colored upper cabinets (bottom stained cherry) and the brushed nickel pulls and faucet. But, we did the pulls to match the hardware we used throughout the rest of the house when we did a big remodel 9 years ago.

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My 6-1/2 yr old kitchen has white cabinets, but also cherry and a wall of blue, so I don't get a full point there. I do have satin nickel, but I also have polished chrome and what I think is an antiqued pewter -- another partial point. My recessed cans are LED, but my island fixture is not. My cabinet and undercabinet lighting are not under cabinet LEDS were pretty blue or very expensive at that time), but I am considering changing them). Three partial points. Unless you count my hardware, pewter accent tile in the backsplash and nickel KA mixer or the veins in my marble as shades of grey. LOL

What is funny to me is that folks talk about replacing 10 year old kitchens. Approaching 7 years now, ten isn't that far down the road, and it still feels new to me -- and it looks like I'm about average on the currently trendy scale.

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I'm 3/7. Which I guess isn't bad for a kitchen reno started in 2009. My kitchen's not at all unlike the last photo, (with the mid-tone wood cabinets).

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I'm 3/7 as well. I find it a bit funny that one of the things I did was ditch all my satin nickel hardware for polished nickel hardware. Better get the old stuff up on eBay quick!

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I'll be 1 for 7 - LED lighting.

Of the other trends listed, the only one I'd like to play with is gray, but have found through trial, error and about a billion paint samples that grays chuckle weakly and die in my house. A stainless range will be about as much gray as the kitchen can handle without picking up a sad, grim battleship vibe.

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zeebee -- "sad, grim battleship vibe" wasn't on the list?

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Are all the photos in that article supposed to be for the new trend?

I'm confused because it says "The dream kitchens of today arenâÂÂt about the sexiest six-burner range or the most exotic countertop material...That industrial, commercial style was looking a little cold,âÂÂ

And right in front of that sentence is a six or eight burner stove and a whole wall of stainless.

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zeebee -- "sad, grim battleship vibe" wasn't on the list?

Can't believe they missed it! :)

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I'm 1/7 if light, taupe-y colored cabinets are considered white. If not, I've got nothing.

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0/7 here...although I've thought about putting some LEDs under our lowest floating shelf...no upper cabs here--I'm sure that'll be on the trendy kitchens of 2014 list, though. ;)

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