Any Pictures/Opinions of This Liner Style - - Please Help !!

akraussJune 3, 2011

Hi All - I am stressing over a liner pattern to replace my current liner and one pattern I am considering is the Mountaintop Mosaic. See the following link

I am concerned that the blue mosaic tile bottom may be too busy and overpowering in a 20 x 40 free form pool. Has anyone used this or a similar pattern that can share thoughts, but most importantly, does anyone have any pictures. I would also be interested in seeing real blue tile bottom. I spent a great deal of time searching the internet for pictures to no avail and neither the installer or the liner manufacturer have photos. Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Liner Pattern

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I've been in a pool that had that same vinyl blue tile pattern and it was the prettiest I've seen. It had a different border but the tile part was the same. I liked it because it had interesting 'movement'. Like, it added something to the shimmer, if that makes sense.

Good luck with your decision.

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Boby Huffard

This is that liner...may give a little more of an idea.

Here is a link that might be useful: visualizer

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That liner looks great in...But did your liner company offer some of the Super Maxs or the Duo Maxs at the same cost? The Supers are 30mil and the Duos are 20 mil on top and 30mil on the bottom?

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Thanks everyone. Since I posted this, I found out thru much sleuthing, that one of my local pool builders, just installed this liner in a pool about 30 min. drive away,so its road trip time today!! Bobyoe - thanks for that visualizer, it is helpful. I also found the liner under a different name at and they have another visualizer. I will take some pictures of the liner in the pool today and post them in this thread. I wanted to get the supermax or duo and got prices for them, but the two patterns we are now considering are only offered in straight 20 ML. Am I making a mistake going with the 20 ML ?

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Well if your pool company can sell the below brand they should be able to offer the thicker liner at the same cost. 20 mil is what 90% of the pools have But if you can get a thicker Liner at the same cost why not....All of the replacements we have this year have chosen the thicker liner patterns.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fortwaye

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Just wanted to follow up. I took the drive yesterday, to someone who just recently had this liner pattern installed. Unfortunately, he was having an electrical issue in his new pool build, so the pump was not running and the water was cloudy w/ lots of algae. However, saw enough, to determine I liked the mosaic tile bottom. The boarder, I am not crazy about (the pointed "mountain peaks" are a little distracting), but as my Wife says "its time to move on" and stop stressing over it. Wanted to attach some photos but cant seem to figure out how to do it. One thing that struck me upon viewing the liner install, was how many visible seams he had in the pool ! It seemed like in the curved corners, they had like 5 seams, cutting the liner up like pizza pie slices. So I ask, based upon the shape of the pool, how many seams should there be ? This pool was "free form" lagoon style. I went back to look at my old washed out liner (also free form figure 8), and with barely 2 foot of water in the pool now, could only see 2 or 3 seams. Thanks.

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I have this type of border .... i like the one you chose better. The least amount of light, solid color you have the less it will tend to show dirt! There was just a very limited choice of 40mil liners at the time for me.

But i do like this "crackle" pattern over the body of the pool ... sparkles in the sunlight, and looks great at night.


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I am having a 20'x48' pool installed am I am looking at the Mountain top Blue Mosaic liner as well. I need to make my choice in the next two days. My walls were installed today. Do you have a pic or tell me what you think if you went with it? I too was worried it would be busy.
We are actualyy considering going without the border and just the mosaic pattern all the way up to the top for a gunite look. Can you please advise me on your thoughts?
Thank you, Jim in Michigan

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We just installed the Mountain Top / Blue Mosaic liner by Triac in our pool and it looks great. I have attached a link to the pool renovation and final pics. Hope this helps someone.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mountain Top / Blue Mosaic Triac

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Redamber, I just wanted to thank you for going to the trouble of posting before & after photos of your new liner installation. I have been in the decision process for over 2 months now and still struggling with it.

It's a shame that there isn't more visual information available for those of us in the process of making this esthetically important decision. I will certainly follow your lead and post before and after images as well. Well....that is if I ever make up my mind. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Current damaged liner

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any pictures of this liner?? bad links

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