Tile on steps...yes or no?

StaycJune 3, 2011

I have looked thru some pictures and I have not found many that are doing this anymore. Do you still put a piece of tile on top of the steps to easily locate them? Same with on the swim out.

Any info would be great...pictures or even just opinions.

Thank you so much!

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I try to use trim tile to add a little contrast. This is usually a 1 inch, 2 inch, or a penny tile that follows the edge of the steps.

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I waffled back and forth on whether to do this or not for two months, and ended up deciding not to because
1. A more clean, uncluttered look
2. My pool is very geometric, straight lines and angles, and I think it would have been too busy and even more angular
3. It was not worth the $800 to me since I was not crazy about it (free tile, labor only) . If I could have afforded the Lightstreams step markers, I'd probably go for it, but the similar looking Pebbletec Gemz weren't as nice.
Understand that my pool has three entry steps, with the second step extending along one side as a bench, and a standard swim out, and a swim out and step on each side of the spa, and the bench in the spa, so that's a lot of step markers.
Also, we have a pretty consistent sea breeze, so the surface of our water is never very still during the day. And I took pictures on my blog with tiled markers on the step depths and wasn't impressed beyond step 2.
Maybe this'll help. Also a picture of a pool with tile markers.

Here is a link that might be useful: PoolBlog

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I should also mention that most people say that you don't "need" them with Pebbletec/sheen, and I don't know if you 're asking for decorative or practical purposes, or what kind of finish you have, which makes a difference.
My next door neighbor with Pebbletec used a mosaic waterline tile with a dolphin diamond in the middle, and they placed a couple of the dolphins on each step, 1 on the tiny top step, 3 on the 2nd step, and I can't remember if there are any on the bottom step if they have a 3rd, because their pool is shallower at the shallow end than ours.
If I could do it again, I might place a decorative crab or starfish mosaic on our large sunshelf-almost top step.

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It would be for safety reasons. My Dad came over yesterday and was checking everything out...he said make sure to put tile on that swimout...you don't want someone hitting their head if they dive in.
So, I was just checking what the 'norm' is nowadays. I appreciate you telling me what you think. Thank you!
Thank you too golfgeek.

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We accented our stairs and swimout with tile. We did a light colored river rok (imperial white) and thought it would look nice to dress it up a bit as well as add visibility. I think it looks great!

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Here's a picture of what we did From Drop Box

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Oh thank you Doodle01. I told our pool guy to go ahead and put some on there...I didn't want to take any chances. Thank you so much for the picture! It looks great.

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We are refinishing and retiling our pool soon and have had a few PBs come by to give quotes.

One guy didn't mention anything about the captiles (that's what they call the thinnish, round tile along the steps down here in FL) except to tell me how much it would cost to replace them and suggest a cheaper alternative would be to just dig around them and roll the new finish into the existing tile.

Another said he was part of some PB association that flies him all over the world to look at pools and that no one does captiles anymore.

And the third PB said that should if someone gets injured in your pool and, for whatever reason, your HO's insurance has to get involved, then you need captiles at least on the swimout. We haven't discussed this with our insurance company yet, but if it's true it could just be a FL thing.

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I did similar to what doodle01 has, except my tile is a dark slate and the pool finish is gray plaster. So not as much contrast, but enough to show there's a step down there.

I also added turn tiles at each end of the pool for swimming laps. Target "touch tiles" on the walls, and flip turn "T" tiles on the pool floor a few feet from each end.

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I am in Flordia too. Now I am scared! Ahhh I mentioned to our pool guy before to put some subtle glass tile just on the top of the stairs and swim out...I hope that will be good enough. Ahhhh!

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here's mine on pebble sheen blue granite with gemz opal pendants

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OOoOoOoo that is gorgeous!I LOVE it! Your pool is beautiful. We are getting blue granite too.

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Thank you SO much for posting that picture. We got our blue granite installed yesterday and we had pebble tec put in those exacty pendants...I LOVE them. Thank you again so much for showing them to us. Our PB knew exactly what we wanted by showing him your pictures. Can't wait to see it once we get water! :)

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You are welcome. You should be getting water today after acid wash? Those pendants will show up more dramatically underwater and in different angles against the sun.

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I am going through the same dilemma. I am building a contemporary pool with a large wrap around stair. I don't want to distract from the simplicity by busying my stairs with accent tiles, but my pool builder insists I add something for safety purposes. I do not want diamond shape. I really am at a loss as I don't want to take away from the beauty of simplicity. Any ideas? Also I am new to the sight how do I upload a picture? Thanks

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We got our acid wash yesterday and started the fill up! This morning we woke up and the bottom two steps were covered..and you're right those pendants look wonderful under water! I can't wait to go home (at work) and see it in the sun! I am so excited. Thank you again so much!

If you look on pebble tec's website...they have other options and shapes too. Look under 'products' then 'finishing touches tile collection'. That is where my PB lead me to look. Maybe you will find something that you are looking for there. Good luck to you!
~ Stayc

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water may or may not be as clear and blue as you want yet, might need for the chemicals to do their work a day or two, before you appreciate those pendants under water and your ps blue granite! good luck and share some pix?

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Hi, in the process of having our gunite pool tiled and wanted to add accent tiles on steps and loveseat and need to ask. Has anyone noticed that it has made their steps too slippery when entering or exiting? That is my concern. Thanks.

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