Evergrain deck Disintegrating

doylineSeptember 13, 2010

We had a Evergrain Deck built in June 2007 and the deck, rails, flashing around the deck and the stairs are all disintegrating. The installer said Tamko ran a bad batch of product. We have turned in a Warranty Claim and still waiting for the outcome. Has anyone else had this problem???

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I have the exact same problem. Early 2007 Tamko Evergrain deck installed began deteriorating in 2009. The posts are coming apart. I filed a claim with Tamko and their area manager was here in May 2010. Tamko agreed to send me vouchers for new deck material to fully replace the horrible looking deck and to pay for my constractor's labor to re-install. Nothing has arrived after many calls and months. Frustrated at the lack of follow through but hopeful. 4 months+ after filing the claim - 2+ years living with a deck disintegrating before our eyes.

I have been told the problem is with a "bad batch" of chemicals used in the composite manufacturing process.

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They told me I would receive 5 vouchers for materials, and it would take 4 to 6 weeks. It has only been 2 weeks since they told me this. The Rep starting saying that my Labor was not covered in my Warranty of 2007, but the new Warranty would cover labor. So I was alittle confused by that, since I only have a copy of the Warranty dated 2010. Did not want to fight with them yet, since she also said the Labor may be covered. I will keep u posted on my outcome. Please let me know about yours.

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I called Tamko again - my 3rd call in 30 days - and was told, once again, the vouchers had not been sent despite prior claims otherwise. Tamko yet again promised to mail the vouchers. Still waiting four months and counting.

BTW, I filed the required paperwork along with digital photos and was issued a Tamko claim number. Their rep came out, inspected and took photos, agreed the deck was disintegrating. He emailed in July the vouchers would be issued shortly. Nothing was sent & the rep stopped answering emails and calls in August. Now its almost October. Tamko agrees the deck must be replaced and their Evergrain product failed.

Our contractor tried to work things out with the Tamko distributor who supplied the defective product. That supplier ran out the clock and filed for bankruptcy late 2009. This spring, our contractor learned of the Tamko claims process and the wider issue of Evergrain failure so I immediately filed a claim.

I can't find a class action law suit vs Tamko on the Internet. Trex was hit with a class action suit for its product failure. I wish I had a wood deck and never installed composite. The deck looks awful, its falling apart, the colors are weird shades of what they were in 2007 and the manufacturer has not yet owned up to its responsibility.

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Pleased to report the vouchers for materials arrived in today's mail. Next step is have the contractor take the vouchers in to the distributor and (hopefully) get the necessary Evergrain material. Will let you know what happens.

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That is great news. Please keep me posted and I will do the same.

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We still have not received anything from Tamko, I am going to start calling this week. How is it going for you? Have they started rebuilding your deck??

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It has been 6 weeks now and I have not heard a word from Tamko. How is it going for you?? Did they pay for the labor on the deck?

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I heard that they moved their operation to Costa Rica, and changed their name to SCAMko.
Good luck


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I am pleased to report after the vouchers arrived for materials, my contractor then submitted the vouchers to the local Evergrain distributor who then ordered the new decking and it finally arrived last week. The deck has largely been completed but there is a section of railing missing that needs to get resolved. The claims process is cumbersome and takes time but I will say that at least the materials are installed and an almost completed deck.

At least the situation is better than has been over the past several years with the decking falling apart and the lengthy claims process (filed in May, late October now).

I will keep you posted. Doyline, I suggest you call repeatedly to get an answer when your vouchers will be sent.

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My contracter called me and ask if I heard from Tamko yet, I still have not recieved the vouchers. But I was happy my contractor is still on board. I will call again today. It has been 6 weeks now. I will keep you updated, please do the same.

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I received my vouchers for material and labor on Friday, just alittle over 6 weeks from when I filed my claim. Hopefully the rebuilding of my deck goes that smooth. I will keep u posted.

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Great news that you are moving forward & the vouchers arrived! Took several weeks for my contractor to get the materials - he had to submit vouchers to the distributor who, in turn, submitted the vouchers to Tamko, then Tamko shipped the material to the distributor etc. But the materials did arrive and the new material looks nice once installed.

I am still waiting on a missing railing section. Supposed to be in route but has not arrived after three weeks and its needed to complete the deck. Will keep you posted.

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I am a decking contractor in missouri and yes, evergrain had a bad batch come through in 2007. The warranty process does take some time but from what i've seen Tamko goes above and beyond for the customer. I've repaired a number of decks, both, for my previous customers as well as those who's contractor is no longer in business. After dealing with many other manufacturers, tamko is the most generous and easiest to deal with by far.... Be patient... they will take care of their customers....

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Hi, I read your post, and we have an Evergrain deck that is disintegrating but it is from 2004. Were there other bad batches besides the 2007 batch, does anyone know? We are just going to file a claim, but we are further out than everyone here and I am concerned that they won't give us a full replacement for materials and labor.

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Yours is an interesting post. I was called yesterday by a woman that I built a deck for in 2004 that I used the Evergrain decking product to build and she is having problems too. She said that the first issue is that there is a "black mold" that has developed over the surface of the deck and that the top of the deck is "splintering." I haven't yet looked at the deck, but told her I would investigate this matter. Please let me know what you find out. I am doubtful too that the warranty is going to cover the replacement and labor costs. I'm also wondering if her homeowners insurance would cover it if the Tamko warranty does not.

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Just finished reading all of the postings on this topic. I had an Evergrain deck installed June 2007. I think mine is beginning to have problems -- a few small splinters and many small particles coming off when I hose it down. There also have been a couple of small places where it has flaked off. At this time it still looks good, but I didn't think a composite should be literally 'washing' away like this. I have a call in to the contractor.

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Sorry to hear that. I had Evergrain decking and railing installed late last year and so far no problems. I recently cleaned it for the first time with Olympic deck cleaner and it came out nice (it removed a few minor marks that must have splashed from my gas grille).

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I've had problems with TAMKO EverGrain practically since day 1.

Check out some of the pictures

Spent almost $40k on a deck that is now worthless.

Lots of promises, excuses, and lies from TAMKO.

The grain pattern is gone from just about all of the decking, the boards are starting to give, some type of fungus is starting to grow out of the cracks on the ballisters, the skirt is breaking and falling.

Probably the worst customer service I have ever encountered.

In my opinion you should avoid doing any business with TAMKO.

If you have TAMKO EverGrain you should immediately consult an attorney whether you are currently having a problem or not with this product.

Here is a link that might be useful: pictures of TAMKO EverGrain

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That's a bad deal with the decking coming apart,it almost looks like graval now.

I have to say the ballisters might be cracking because of incorect install of the fasteners,the skirting on the stair bucks has just come out from fasteners as well and lack of adhesive the part remaining seems fine. The rest of the deck from what I could see wasent all that bad.

I am not a fan of composite dont get me wrong and the crumbling should never happen.

Yo Dave your not planing on going after them with the weapons in your arsenal are you ??

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Just wanted to add an update to my Aug 15 post --

I submitted a warranty claim to Tamko on Sept 15 and received a call from them yesterday (Oct 24) to let me know my claim had been approved. My contractor said I should receive material vouchers in a few weeks and weather permitting we should be able to get the deck replaced in Nov or Dec. While I'm not wild about going through the construction cycle again, I am very pleased with Tamko's response to my situation.

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in 2009 we installed an evergrain deck at the cost of over 29k It is now disintegrating, chalking, flaking, and in a few areas chunks. we got a claim number, they would not communicate with our contractor, sent everything in that was requested, and now they say they did not get everything I have no idea yet what they will or will not do. even if they replace the deck material, who is going to pay the contractor??? it is 3 years past install. I am frustrated with the rotting of what I thought was going to be a carefree and beautiful deck...

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Purchased April - June 2007. ANy decking not covered is disintegrating. ANy suggestions to make this process less painful? Thanks in advance.

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My deck (installed Aug 2006) is also decompressing... it's literally washing away with each rain fall. My garden hose takes layers away when I simply rinse it. I have contacted my deck builder to see if he has experienced issues using this material (TAMKO EverGrain-Redwood). When he viewed the damage, he mentioned that he has seen several other customers with the exact same issue. He also mentioned that TAMKO has taken take care of the labor cost in those situations.

Unfortunately, the deck builder, Deckscapes of Virginia LLC - Josh Desilets, initially said he would assist with remediation by providing a labor quote, but he has gone completely silent. Moving on to a different company for a labor quote.

I have calls into TAMKO but they have not yet replied... I'll post again with updates as they unfold...

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I wanted to share my experiences with Tamko, I too, had issues with my Evergrain deck, built in 2007. About 20ft of the top railings started to blister after about 4 years.

Long story short; Tamko stood behind their product and good name, I am a happy camper with the solution provided.

Mid-summer 2011, I contacted Tamko to order about 20ft of replacement top rail as my local lumber yard no longer carried my style of deck railing. This quickly turned into a warranty claim. At first I was advised that Tamko would provide materials to replace the entire railing system on my deck BUT they would not cover the labor costs.

Having other, more pressing items on my plate at the time, I did not pursue this till the summer of 2012.

Mid-summer 2012, I called Tamko and referred to my original claim number to see what could be done. The customer rep. at the office had me send her pictures of the damaged rails and shortly thereafter dispatched the local rep. to my home; Mike explained the situation: Tamko would provide new rail kits to replace all the rails not just the damaged ones due to material defect and Tamko would pay the pro-rated labor direct to my contractor. (25 year warranty ��" 4 years in service).

Mike took ownership of the issue, had 2 pallets of rails & posts along with all required hardware delivered to my home within 2 weeks. Mike met with my contractor, worked out a labor charge that we all could live with, which, after the prorate on the labor costs for the 4 years I had my deck before filing the ORIGINAL claim I ended up with an out-of-pocket expense of under $300. This was to replace over 100ft of railing and posts on my deck and stairs. Once the work was completed I snail mailed the Labor Warranty voucher along with pictures of the completed deck and my contractor received his payment within days.

So for me, I am happy to report, Tamko stood behind their product and good name and delivered a solution to my satisfaction.

What more can I say; what started out as a hunt for a few feet of replacement top rail turned into a whole replacement with clearly better material and cost me only about what I imagined having to pay for replacing a few feet of top rail.

I am pleased with Tamko, thank you.

Claude H.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

We interviewed a neighbor prior to purchasing our home (currently being remodeled) and he took us to his back yard and showed us his Trex deck that had the same issues as all of yours.

This thread really helped us decide whether or not to use composite materials on our 25+ year old wooden decks that are weathered and rotting. Our contractor highly advised against it, so we are going with pressure treated wood.

Thanks for saving us from buyer's remorse!

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Just wanted to chime in that all composite decks do not have the problem described here. My deck is going on 11 years (can't find the brand name) and I've had no problems with it. After having to care for a wood deck for 10 years in a previous home, I find composite a blessing.

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