Trees through deck - Input Sought

uvascanyonSeptember 17, 2013

We recently purchased a home that had a deck built around two oak trees. The trees have grown to where they are now impacting the deck, particularly when it's windy. I wish to address this before winter storms come...

I include a couple photos. I wish to clearance the openings, but not sure what tool might be best for the job. On the larger tree, I might just mark-up the lumber, then remove the planks, cut and screw back into place. I started this and a couple screws busted on me (pretty rusty)...

On the other tree, those planks are longer and run under some steps, so their removal is not so easy.

Curious to hear any thoughts. Thanks much.

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The other photo...

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Is there a reason you couldn't plunge cut the boards in place with a circular saw (or possibly a reciprocating saw)?

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I'd probably start by drawing out the new, wider opening around the trees. Then I'd take a circular saw, set the blade at the depth of the deck boards, and cut out the new opening in the deck boards. Remove the short cut pieces, then attack whatever framing changes you need to make to support the new opening.

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Also......consider a circular saw with a smaller blade, say 5 1/2". A smaller blade will allow you to cut those circles/angles but it depends on the thickness of your boards

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It looks like the framing below is also very close to the trees, based on the visible screw heads. Your best solution is marking and removing the boards, then cut the joists away, and install new ones further from the trees. Cut the boards with a jigsaw, then reinstall. If the framing was further away, a jigsaw would be the tool to use.


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