Finished Kitchen (+1 Year)- White / Marble / Mahogany / Soapstone

i_m_fletcherMarch 1, 2012

Hi Everyone-

Some of you might recall me, I posted my almost finished kitchen about a year ago. We recently had some new photos taken when our architect hired a pro for the day for a shoot. I figured I'd pay everyone a visit and share the new photos since my old ones were incomplete. The old thread is to old to be revived, so I'll try to repost the old original post below my new one for context as well. Hope you enjoy!

As I posted in my original thread, thank you to everyone who has posted here - your amazing example kitchens as well as your willingness to answer any questions was THE source for our ideas.

Money Shot:

Kitchen Island:

Sink View:


Fridge / Pantry:

Fridge / Pantry Revealed:

Bar Area:

Pantry / Freezer:


Kitchen Design Summary:

  • Cabinets: Painted Maple built by local cabinet maker - local is a suburb southwest of Boston. Inset doors, self closing drawers. The finish is a sprayed on pre-cat lacquer that is tinted to match the BM Ivory White color.

  • Cabinet Options: Includes pull out trash drawer wtih two cans to the right of sink. "Magic Corner" pullout in corner of L perimeter cabinets. Wicker baskets underneath microwave for fruit / vegetable storage. Vertical dividers in cabinet above oven. Spice drawer insert in top left island drawer. Knife drawer insert in top drawer to the left of rangetop. Dish drawer inserts (pegboard with adjustable plate holding pegs) in island drawers. Utensil and gadget dividers in misc drawers. Specialized rack on dry good cabinet that allows for storage on dor but puts weight in cabinet carcass.

  • Colors: Walls are Ben Moore Pittsfield Buff (HC-24) and the trim and cabinets are Ben Moore Ivory White (925).

  • Countertops: 3cm Calacatta Ruggine on perimeter, 5cm Utile Mahogany (edge grain butcher block) for island, 3cm Minas soapstone for pantry. Slab backsplash on perimeter is 2cm Calacatta Ruggine and slab backsplash for pantry is 2cm Minas soapstone.

  • Hardware: Mix of Restoration Hardware including Gillmore cup pulls (4in), Gillmore Knobs, Traditional Clear Glass Knobs and Bistro Pulls (8in and 6in). All hardware is...

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That is one gorgeous kitchen, from top to bottom.

Thanks for coming back with those photos! Aren't professional photos of your own house great to have?

I can't even comment on just one thing.... EVERYTHING in your kitchen is special.

Wishing you many many many happy years cooking with your family in that space.


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Wow! Gorgeous! Yours was one of the first kitchens I saw when I discovered GW last's still one of my favorites. What a beautiful space.

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While overall, we couldn't be happier with our space from both a functional as well as appearance perspective, there are a few things that after one year that didn't go perfectly. Here are a list of my favorite elements and "lessons learned."
Our favorite elements:

  • The Big 'Ol Island: I can't say enough about having the kids lined up for pancake breakfasts on a snowy Saturday morning!

  • The Windows: Hand-in-hand with the island is the wonderful light coming in the room. It's morning light too, which is ideal!

  • Range Ventilation: It's amazing being able to grill on your range in the winter and not worry about smoke at all! I regularly cook prime strips and marinated skirt steak and if you sitting in the family room (no walls divide the rooms) you can't smell a thing! The only challenge is being careful about having a fire going in the fireplace and cranking the vent fan as it will reverse the draw on the chimney.

  • Our Marble: Definately not for the faint of heart, but I love the warm color and natural beauty of the stone. I'm pretty good about cleaning it, but we have our share of etching. I've found that a little polishing compound takes out the worst of it.

  • Separate Freezer: Having all fridge in the primary area (plus a small beverage fridge in another area) gives us tons of space. Just as good is having a full sized dedicated freezer that isn't in the middle of things. I don't know if this is like everyone, but I don't go into the freezer constantly while cooking, so having it in the pantry area is great. I grab out whatever's frozen, toss it into the bar sink with some water to thaw and get back to work.

  • Sound System: The Sonos system we installed couldn't be more user friendly. Being able to easily put some music on means we always have something playing and it really adds to the fun! We also subscribe to Spotify and the combo is simply perfect for us.

Things I'd change / do different:

  • Our trash pullout isn't as solid as I'd like. We have one of the pre-made devices that holds two bins. Our friends have a simple holder for two bins built out of wood - much more solid. I think some of these fancy pre-made metal / plastic contraptions are overpriced and don't wear well.

  • We had some troubles with our ovens - Wolf had to come out twice to fix them. Then in a sad co-incidence, I was using an inaccurate oven thermometer which led me to believe it was still wrong. Finally I purchase a new thermometer and I'm finally happy with the ovens (took about six months, mostly due to my procrastination.)

  • I haven't gotten around to putting some sort of attachement to secure the microwave (it's just sitting in a cubby there.) It moves and requires adjustment all the time - an easy fix but I never asked the cabinetmaker and now I have to get around to it myself.

  • The polished nickel faucets require a little more care than I'd consider ideal and the recommended polish from Rohl is almost impossible to find.

  • The stools...

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everything looks so fresh and immaculate! true perfection! How are you enjoying all of your wolf/subzero appliances one year later? I would love to hear your experiences with the refrigerators in particular.

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Here are some of the original photos I took back when it was first complete.
Main View:

Looking Into Family Room:

From Bar Area:

Sink Details:

Island / Fridge:

Bar Area Details:

Adjoining Mudroom:

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Thanks for the kinds words everyone!

BeeKeeperswife: thanks again for your kinds words. I remember you comments from before and more importantly learned a great deal directly from you during the process, so thanks for all your efforts! Having "real" photos of the project are great! We're keeping our fingers crossed as they are hoping to submit it for a few magazines - getting the shots published would be a real thrill!

michoumonster: While I shudder to think about how much we spent between the fridge / freezer / wine cooler / beverage fridge, I must admit it is wonderful having all the space. Just as important is having all the different spaces distributed in the right places for how we use the space. We haven't had a single problem outside of a loose compressor coil in the wine cooler that was fixed a week after install! The customer service has been great from Clarke (our SZ / Wolf distributor.)

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Very pretty!

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Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing your beautiful kitchen...the windows are really special!


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I love it! The windows are awesome!

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I want your house! :). It's beautiful!

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Just lovely. Especially like the diagonal mullions in your glass cabinets. So pretty!

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Lovely kitchen!

We are considering carrara marble in our kitchen as well. Is sounds like it's a bit of work. What have you found to be the downside? Also, we will be adding radiant floor heat in our 1915 kitchen and prefer using reclaimed maple flooring over it too. Have you been happy with it? Our KD is trying to steer us towards tile but she says wood doesn't conduct heat as well? We would be installing onto current boiler system or low voltage electric. What's been your experience?

I'm interested in how the glass in your cabinets affixes to the back of the mullion? Caulk, glazed or something else?

Thanks in advance!

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You have a beautifully done space! So open and inviting, too. There are too many details to pore over and gush about... I'm still taking in the gorgeous soapstone backsplash!

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ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! Enjoy your beautiful home! Thanks for sharing!

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Love. Insanely Jealous. Gorgeous job. I WANT your space and layout. Hope you are really enjoying it.

I like many of your choices - the wood island top, mullions, window corner - but one little detail I really like is the rug. Any details on that or comments on what it is like having a "nicer" rug in your kitchen? I love that look but fear what my sloppy cooking and 3 children would do to a rug like that.

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just breath taking! how's the marble treating ya?

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Wow! What a beautiful and warm kitchen! I love all aspects of it. Your island is gorgeous. How do like the wood mahogany top?

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Wow! I want it!!!! Simply stunning. You are definitely going to be my "inspiration kitchen." How high are your ceilings?

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Hi imfletcher,

I loved seeing your kitchen with the first reveal last year
and am enjoying viewing it just as much now with your gorgeous new photos.
I'm sure these pictures are flying into the inspiration folders of GW members as we speak.

I like your walnut top island.
Because there has been so much discussion on GW
about walnut island finishes (oil vs waterlox vs osmo),
I'm curious what you used to finish your island.

I also love your island edge profile.
Is that a standard ogee edge? Or more squared off than the usual ogee?

Was it fun staging your kitchen for the photo shoot?
Just curious what in your view was the most successful part of the staging.
Do you have tips for others who want to document their kitchen in all its glory?

I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying your beautiful kitchen.

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Oh my goodness, it is Gorgeous!! Straight out of a magazine!! LOVE it!!! May you enjoy your beautiful creation for countless years to come! :)

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It's always fun to see photos of GWers' finished kitchens, and this one is particularly beautiful. You spent a lot of time on all the details, and it shows. Congratulations! Glad to hear you are enjoying your lovely space.

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Beautiful! Thanks for coming back to share your gorgeous pictures.

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Your kitchen is so beautiful and those pictures really do it justice! Everything looks so wonderful and as much as I like the kitchen...your dining room is just lovely, too. Thanks for sharing :)

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gorgeous!! that marble on the backsplash is to die jealous of your open burner Wolf! we have been trying to track one down..

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Jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, breath and speech takingly gorgeous. Love the detail behind your stove.

I was just writing on a thread about white walls, that I'm not usually into large expanses of white, but I do really admire creamy white cabs with white marble countertops, and I love the layering with the Buff walls. Your windows make the room.

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Beautiful! So bright and airy. I love your rug/runner. Do you mind sharing where you got it? We've considered getting a long runner in our kitchen but were concerned with it shifting and staying in place and also since it would be in the main thoroughfare, were concerned that it would get incredibly dirty. Does yours shift? What is your rug made of?


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What a stunning space. I'd live in that kitchen.

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Just gorgeous...again! I remember seeing your original pics posted and loving it. Thanks for sharing them again.

I do have a quick question if you don't mind. We too have mahogany for our island top, and find it gets hairline scratches quite easily. Curious how yours has held up with heavy usage of kids eating at it. I am okay with it, but wonder if a different finish would have been better.

I am sure you still love walking into that kitchen every morning! Its gorgeous!

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What a beautiful kitchen (and house)!! If mine comes out half as nice, I'll be thrilled. But I do have a couple of questions for you, as it appears we have some similar features/ideas.

First, my island will be 9x4 - I assume the difference is that I'll have 12" cabinets on the overhang side - after seeing your island, I'm curious as to whether we'll have enough leg room under our island - as yours is 6" deeper (due to the cabinets). Any thoughts on that?

Second, I'm trying to decide whether to do a wooden island top. I'm having a difficult time finding anyone locally willing to make one - it's kind of like when I go to the fabricators and they try to talk me out of marble - Did you have yours made locally? What finish is on it? After a year, do you have any regrets? It's so beauiful!

Third, I noticed your lavetory is the same size/layout of mine. Would you mind posting or sending pictures of what you did there? I'm trying to decide between a builtin cabinet with 3 drawers (to look like furniture) or something freestanding. I think I'm going to do a marble basketweave tile in there (the rest of the 1st floor is hardwood) Haven't even started thinking about the lighting/mirror in there yet.

Fourth, I chose the same lighting ( Cree CR6 LED lights) and undercabinet lights - but didn't go with the CR4 over sink area - they're on a dimmer - do you think that will be too much light?

Finally, can you share more about your music system? From what I read, sonos is a wireless system (I have a bose wireless sytem that is basically a portable speaker that streams wirelessly from a computer). But I like the idea of having installed speakers instead of lugging the Bose thing around where I want to listen to it.

Thank you in advance for your information/advice/suggestions. It's obvious you put much thought and research into your renovation and it shows!!

Let us know which magazine you end up in :)

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Just spectacular -- have saved to my inspiration folder. Can you tell me who the cabinet maker is? I am also in the Boston area.

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Your kitchen is one of my absolute favorites! So glad to see the backsplash now, too!

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Breathtakingly beautiful! Truly a stunner! I think all the superlatives have been used, so I'll just add a Wowzers.

Congratulations--enjoy that big, gorgeous space!

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Love it!! Beautiful space - enjoy it!

I have a question about your mudroom. Our mudroom is right off of our kitchen as well and will have a similar built in bench/cubby area. How is the white finish holding up with all of the traffic and activity in the area? I'm debating between a white and chocolate finish.

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Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing the photos. Be sure to let us know when your kitchen appears in a magazine!

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Just gorgeous in every possible way! Wow!

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Fabulous! Enjoy.

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Your kitchen is fabulous!
Frankly, I like the second set of photos better.

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You have a really gorgeous kitchen! I am sure you are enjoying it.

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I love, love, love your kitchen! It is truly exquisite. Divine really.

I have a curious does your island top wear with your children? Are you very careful and cautious with it? Or...can it handle children and their messes well?

I have 2 messy young ones myself.



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I sent you an email. Let me know if you don't get it. I know going through GW sometimes takes a little while.


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Thank you again to everyone for the very kind words! I've tried to answer every question in the entry below, please let me know if I've missed something - I'll be happy to answer. Also, as part of our prep, we prepared a 46 page .pdf file with sample images, cabinet ideas, materials lists, etc. I'm willing to share, just send me an email. It might take a little while to track it down on my PC - but I'm sure I can find it if anyone would find it useful. It is very specific to our vision - we prepared it for our contractor to ensure we were on the same page.

Glass Cabinet Mullions: The mullions are affixed by glazing and a frame on the back side. They are still quite tight after a year with no rattle.

Rug Behind Island: The rug is a Kazak. It matches the 11x14 we have in the adjoining family room. they are both made of wool and have handle the trails and tribulations presented by three little ones with ease so far. Neither are high-end carpets - we bought them at the "annual" Bloomingdales carpet sale (I use quotes since they seem to have this "annual" sale pretty often.) I've had to clean a few things out of it, but it's easy to vacuum and spot clean and we used some carpet tape on the runner so it doesn't move. I wouldn't hesitate recommending this to anyone else.

Island Top: The island top is made of Utile (or Sipo) Mahogany. It was built by the cabinet maker. The slab is 2 inches thick and weighs a ton! We requested it thick so we have the option to sand it down if it started to show it's age. We have no regrets, but the cabinet maker said next time he does an island top with this kind of material in this dimension, he's charging at least twice what he charged us (guess he had some regrets about the challenge of the materials as well as the cost...)

So far the thing has been bullet proof. With three kids eating three meals a day (plus snacks) as well as all of their arts and craft time on it, it still looks brand new. There is a ding where one of the youngest got a hold of a meat tenderizer, but I'm not faulting the wood for that one. At one point, someone was coloring with a sharpie (really, who gives a sharpie to a two year old?) - I scrubbed the heck out of the mark and got it off, and the finish shows no ill effects. There are a few minor scratches from people placing heavy items on the top and dragging them, but they seem to buff out with a periodic polishing (I let those build up until we're having a party.) I'm not sure what finish they used, I only recall that it was something new the cabin maker tried that has been used in Europe for awhile now. I asked for bullet-proof and it's close! The finish allows for some of the natural pores in the wood to show / feel - I think that helps hide any sort of scratches.

The edge on the island is a standard Ogee edge with an added squared edge on top - it looks great and that square edge really makes the overall top look "neater". However, it's a...

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lavender_lass: I think we had a conversation last year about the pergola we were building in my backyard? Am I right? If so, once the spring comes, I'll be happy to share some shots of the backyard - we finally finished it last summer and are really happy with the way it came out!

hopmom: The cabinets were built by Rodgers Cabinets in Norwood, MA.

beekeeperswife: I received your email and will respond back soon (day or so.) Let me know if you don't get it! Thanks for reaching out.

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I remember your gorgeous kitchen from when you posted a year ago! It's still very drool worthy. ;-)

Would you post a pic straight on of your cabs meeting your patio doors, please (to the left of the fridge/pantry)? I've got a somewhat similar set-up (although my kitchen is half the size) and I've been struggling with whether to butt the cabs up against the molding or to leave a little space. It would be helpful to see how you handled that situation because your kitchen is so well done. TIA!

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Beautiful kitchen!! I am just starting or should I say 6 months in the designing phase of a remodel. I have changed my mind so many times & very in decisive. I was sure I would go with a contemporary walnut slab cabinet. Changed my mind to white cabinets with the Calcutta marble with a wood island. It is really funny that I ran across your kitchen cause it has the x glass cabinets that I just decided on a few days ago and wood floors. I am meeting with the cabinet maker in a few days to go over the changes. After seeing your kitchen I am now sure I am making the right selections. I just voted for your kitchen, of course, it is the most stunning kitchen!!! Good luck!

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I remember it from last year...and it still makes my heart go pitter-patter! So many lovely details! Your stone guy's marble/granite analogy made me lol!

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Thank you for posting all of the info on what was installed in your kitchen. I am seriously coveting those pendants! (and the rest of your kitchen too! ;)

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I love the marble to breasts analogy. Totally OT but I recall watching some reality tv show (wife swap, perhaps) where one woman looked to be over 50 in every way (she was big on tanning) but her "countertops" were unnaturally high. I actually rewinded it and said to DH, "Look at her boobs - her implants must be helium filled!"

Being north of 40 myself I'd like to have more levity in that area, but not to that level.

Back on topic - gorgeous kitchen, I think the walnut island warms it up wonderfully!

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I am with PPs about wanting to come live in your house, LOL!

Especially b/c you (almost) have my powder room as well.

Congrats on your amazing kitchen!

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This is truly a beautiful kitchen. You are special to take the time to post all your information. You did a wonderful job.

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What a beautiful kitchen! You did an amazing job. I do have one question regarding your bar stools. Are they bar height (30) or counter height (24)?


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Hi Emy315,

Our stools are counter height. We bought them at pier one. Genuine fake leather! They are a temp solution until the kids are older- but they havent aged fracefully over the past year...

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Hi I_m_fletcher,
Your kitchen is beautiful! May ask, what window company did you use? Andersen, Pella, Marvin?


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