Poolside chaise lounges

Lori BJune 16, 2013

Anyone have feedback you could share on poolside chaise lounges? I'm having a hard time deciding to go with a sling chaise or a cushioned chaise. We are leaning towards Woodard Wrought Iron, due to the heavy weight. We don't want to worry about them blowing into the pool (or pool cover) during a Texas storm.

The Woodard wrought iron models that I'm considering are 75lbs +. So, I think we would prefer ones that have wheels, so we can maneuver them more easily.

They are going to sit within 4 feet of water's edge. There will be only 2 chaise lounges.

A sling would dry faster, and possibly allow more airflow and keep you a little cooler. The sling would stay outside all year around. The materials are either a Sunbrella sling fabric or a PVC/Olefin blend.

A cushion would be more comfortable, and could be removed in the winter for storage to help prolong the life of the cushion. With a cushion, I would probably order the Sunbrella Dupione Papaya fabric to match dining cushions that we already have.

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Will your pool be SWG or regular? Some metals can have issues near a SWG. We do not have SWG but are considering adding in the future to help with pool maintenance, so we bought teak lounge chairs just a few weeks ago. I ended up finding ours at a closeout place of one of the big furniture stores here for $260 each, which was a steal compared to other stores/online. It's grade B teak, not the best, but not the worst. They are beautiful and so far I love them!

The cushion is definitely important - I got some inexpensive ones at Garden Ridge so we could just have something but will be ordering some thicker ones from a patio furniture store. Your tailbone will go numb if you are like me and like to hang out by the pool for everything - to eat, to read, to drink a glass of wine. I love being outside so spend lots of time there!

We needed heavy weight (OKC winds are no joke, either), wanted wheels, and didn't want metal because they are in full sun and the metal heats up, so that's how we went with the teak. DH wanted something easy to store in the winter, so these fold flat. That's been very helpful for use, too, sometimes you just gotta change positions! We're doing a "staycation" this week and so are spending all our time by the pool and we love the addition of the chaises (our anniversary gift to ourselves).

We had a surprise storm Sunday night and the chairs stayed put. The cushions flopped around a little but were fine (they tie on, which is a must-have in OK), and the umbrella canopy (I detached the canopy from the stand and the lower half of the column, and left it laying on the deck) went for a swim.

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Lori B

We are going to have a regular Chlorine pool. I love the look of teak furniture, especially when it has not weathered. We bought a teak Kingsley-Bate bench last summer for our front yard. It is beautiful, but hubby jokes that he has spent more time applying the sealer to it than sitting on it. (He has already applied the 3rd coat.) We don't want it to weather to the grey patina because the honey brown matches our home so much better.

For that reason, I think we have decided to stay with metal furniture in the back. Where the chaises will be, will only get about 1 hour of direct sun.

We don't have the space to bring these chairs in for the winter. They will need to be in the elements 365 days a year!

I had such a tough time deciding between a cast iron Woodard sling or Woodard cushion chaise. I think I have decided finally on the Woodard Maddox Chaise, which matches our existing dining chairs. The Maddox cushion is not an overly thick one...so I'm hoping that it will dry relatively fast, yet provide a bit of cushion also.

I'm hoping to place the order in the next day or two, unless someone has some great insight!

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Take a look at the Chaises from Frontgate

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For cushion vs sling-do you have a spider issue? We have major spiders in our yard, so a cushion chair of any sort is out of the question for us(we won't spray due to dogs, kids, edible garden, etc). Easy to wipe down and remove webs with the sling. Also, kind of odd, but do you plan to drink wine or other beverages that will stain in them? From past experience at a friend's home, if you plan to drink wine in a cushion, don't buy the cushion. (Maybe they were cheap, but the stain would NOT come up)

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