Floor board gap spacing

seven333September 18, 2009

I'm about to start laying my composite floor boards (MoistureShield) but wanted to run something by everyone. The manufacturer's instructions state to leave 1/8th inch gap on butt joints but a full 1/4 inch gap between boards...this sounds excessive to me. I can understand leaving some space for water drainage and board expansion but this sounds too big...does anyone have any experiences/advice to give? Thanks.

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Moisure Shield is some good material,far as manmade goes,but I dont agree with the 1/4'' space between butt joints either. I push them right together and it works just fine over here in Cow Town. It could be different in areas with more extreem weather. J.

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Thanks, John...it was your positive opinion of MoistureShield that got me to lose the ipe battle with my wife without being totally miserable. The weather here is much more extreme...occasional lows in the single digits during winter and highs in the upper 90s during summer. My big concern about narrower spacing is the warranty...if something does happen, would the manufacturer void the warranty?

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Man is that stuff spendy or what?$$ ghesssss

The expanding and contacting might buckel a joint like that but a 1/4''... I just cant see that happening unless the frame moved. Usually its not the temp its water geting in causing problems. MS is rated for docks with water all over the place.

But of course if push came to shove they might baulk. Tell you what I will give my sales rep and call and get back to ya. J.

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No go on that just that the warenty and install instrustions are what they are. J.

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I'm in extreme heat South Texas and I've never seen a gap difference between 100 and 35 degrees. I have 1/16" butt and 3/16" side gaps on Trex.

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Thanks, John! Yeah, that stuff is expensive, especially the "Rainforest" series that we purchased. Pretty darn heavy too and moving a 20 footer isn't easy with as flexible as this stuff is. I greatly appreciate the effort with calling your sales rep...for the sake of my warranty if something does go wrong, I guess I'll stick to the 1/4 inch.

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Really a 1/4'' space between boards is pretty smart any less than that and it fills up quick.
Kevin was saying in 16' Moisture Shield will come and go 1/16 or so in leangth,mabey,but not more than that. Its a given the material will not fall apart but it might buckel a little. Feel free to give Him a call 1 479 871 2992 pretty good dude rides a Softail.

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