Which IRON?? regardless of 'steam or dry'

beth7happyJanuary 25, 2013

Just finished reading a great thread about whether you are to 'steam' or to 'dry' iron blocks. Well.... it seems there is a mixed bag of input there, but....I really NEED a new iron.....my almost 40 year old black n decker is fast moving toward the trash bin. I spent about 30 minutes in Target just looking at all the choices and walked away empty handed. What are your views?? Does anyone have a Go-To iron that superceeds all others???? (and, I really don't want to spend a grand on an iron!!!)

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Head to your nearest thrift shop and look for an old iron that is not steam. It will outlast all those fancy jobs at Target.

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I just went through a new iron purchase and took 2 back to the store after trying them out before I settled on a B&D Professional Steam Iron. Most of the new irons have the heat selection button on the handle and because of arthritis in my thumb, I hold the iron a little different from most people. With the buttons on the handle, I kept turning it up or down or completely off. I tried 2 different brands then found the B&D where the buttons are on the iron body under the handle. I waited until it was on sale and bought if for $40 regular $70. It replaced a very old Rowenta that leaked when I put water in it.

Good luck with your purchase!


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Thanks for posting...I asked the same question, but a tad late in the post. I did notice that nanajayne just obtained a T-Fal. I'm curious how she likes it. I think toolgranny has a good idea as well,yet that could require multiple trips to my local goodwill shop looking for "that" iron.
Anxious to hear what others have to say.


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I have gone the gammit as to irons. Everything from Rowenta Pro to Black and Decker, Sharp etc. I always went back to my old GE until it finally died a respectful death. I have an old dry iron that I am not sure what the name is that works OK but I like steam. My recent purchase was a T Fal which I like. I bought it on sale for about $25 with a coupon originally $39 I think. I have a Sharp that works but I don't like, I had to 2 B&D both died. I like the Rowenta (2)but refuse to pay the price anymore because they only lasted about 3 yrs. I just bought the T Fal because I at least new the name & it was cheap and expect it will only last a short time.LOL. I have had bad lucky with the new B & D but like the older models. I guess my recommedation is go with what fits your pocketbook and realize they are made to have short life.

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Bought mine about 1 1/2 years ago after the death of previous iron. Don't remember what it was, but it lasted many years.

Last time I shopped I wanted stainless steel on the bottom and lots of steam jets. Now I only iron for quilting and needed it that day. I went to Costco and the choices were the Shark I bought for $20 something and the Rowenta that weighed a ton for about $80.

The Shark vertical steam, anti drip, works well as long as you can tolerate the auto shut off. I know they're safer, but sometimes it's irritating. I haven't had any trouble at all with the steam dripping white gunk on my fabric and I think I cleaned it once, maybe.

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Thanks for all the input.... my poor old iron is leaking and UGH...you know what that does if you don't want water on a certain fabric? But...on the other hand, I still have to do hubby's dress shirts...can't imagne those without steam. (I do know how, tho...as a kid I had PILES of ironing to do with a sprinkler bottle...Sprinkle, Roll, Iron...you know the routine! ...with 7 in our family there were lots and lots and lots of ruffles, shirts...etc. way before perma-pressed!). I'll be shopping very soon...

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I'm fed up with modern irons and have gone through several in as many years. I found two irons that belonged to my mother, who was not a cheap-skate when it came to appliances and dug one out to use. It weighs a ton, is stainless, and I'm loving it. Now THAT'S an iron. I had pitched her other iron because it had electrical tape on the cord and I wasn't comfortable with it, and I suspect that one was almost as old as I am. LOL. Newer isn't always better, at least not any more. I remember clothes before permapress and the sprinkler routine. I also remember the correct way to iron and the sequences to turn out perfectly pressed shirts. I don't suppose women teach their little girls to iron anymore. It's an art and a chore I always enjoyed.

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I remember when my Mom sprinkled the clothes and rolled them up, put them in a plastic bag and into the crisper drawer in the refrigerator. The next day she would iron them. Some were sprinkled with just water and others were sprinkled with starch. She taught my sister and I to iron and I loved it. I remember as a teenager I babysat for a neighbor and was paid extra to do her ironing. It definately is an art and one our children will not learn.

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I saw a dry iron in the Vermont Country Store catalog at too many $, but I called and asked them who made it. The company is called Continental. Then I found the same iron for a fraction of the cost on amazon.com and bought it. I really love it. It has no holes, so never snags a corner making those little fans that are so hard to get out. And it's heavy enough that it reminds me to let the weight of the "press" do the work, rather than stroking it back and forth & possibly stretching the bias. I also bought a new steam iron, since I thought I wouldn't be able to function without steam... but since we moved 6 months ago, it hasn't come out of the box. I have a little spritzer of water for stubborn wrinkles. And when doing a larger piece, I spray the whole thing, roll it up a few minutes and then iron with my cheapo dry iron.

I'm DEFINITELY a dry iron convert!


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Nice to know I'm not alone in remembering Mom do the sprinkle, roll,refrigerate rountine. I even remember being excited as a 1st grader getting my mom a new sprinkle bottle at the school fair to make her ironing chore easier! Whadda gift :) However, unlike some...I do see ironing as a chore and Avoid at all cost, EXCEPT for my quilt fabric. Then ironing becomes part of the whole process which I enjoy!
Thanks for the heads up on the Continental iron...I need to check it out very soon.

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