Daily life with marble countertops - dried espresso

torontotimMarch 19, 2013

So tonight, was going to make an espresso and pulled my machine out to check the water levels.

Lo and behold, a big dried coffee stain on the counter right beneath the machine. Could have been there for a week or longer. Decided to snap a before and after pic just to illustrate what daily life is like with marble counters.

The counters have been in place for 2 years now, and this espresso machine has been in this spot since day 1. So this isn't the first time, and certainly won't be the last time a spill goes unnoticed for days or weeks.

Counters have been sealed with Dupont Bulletproof - last time was probably 6 months ago.

The coffee corner:

The dried coffee:

After 10 seconds of wiping with a damp dishrag:

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Beautiful counters! What type of marble is it and is it honed?
I really want marble but everyone tells me not too.
I'm now considering quartzite.

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So beautiful! Mine are being templated Thursday! I cannot wait.

Thank you for sharing.

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So funny to see your pictures because I have the Rancilio Sylvia and Rocky sitting on Danby marble counters with subway tile like yours. But I have kept a piece of glass below the coffee gear to protect the marble. May-be I don't need it! Thanks for posting.

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You don't need glass under your coffee machines, and frankly, I think unless the glass is on little rubber feet you wouldn't want it on your counters. Just prone to trapping moisture etc. between the glass and marble.

It is honed - couldn't tell you the variety of marble unfortunately - it's been a couple years. It's not calacatta, but it does have some strong earth tones. We have etched it here and there and put a couple of nicks in it, but wouldn't have it any other way. Nothing else feels or looks like marble.

There's a link to my kitchen reno below. After I cleaned up the mess I made this :)

Here is a link that might be useful: My kitchen reno

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That is a beautiful cup of coffee! Yum! I am happy to see someone with as much coffee stuff as me.

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That stain should fade in a few days. Same thing happened to me under my Gaggia superauto. I was shocked to see a large, dried, espresso spill that must have been there for some time. After wiping, I was left with a stain about like yours. It faded quickly and was gone in a few days. No stains on my Carrara anywhere! My sealer is 511.

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Re: Kitchen Reno pix and bathroom pix...

Tim, you are the man, bows down. Great job, all gorgeous.

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In my bathroom with honed marble counters a receipt with red ink got wet. It somehow got attached to a free standing mirror that sets in the same place. I moved it to clean one day and found a huge pink stain. I scrubbed the spot and placed a wet cloth on it for a day. It took about 3 weeks for the stain to completely disappear.

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Love the "daily life" aspect. Having never lived with marble except in my bathroom, I think this is such great info to get those of who are considering marble, to "get real" about it.

Your coffee looks divine!! Make me a cup!!

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I think its been established here that staining isnt the main drawback to marble. Marble is easily sealed to avoid stains. The main drawback to many people is the etching which is unavoidable. Some people claim they don't mind etching because it turns into a patina that shows the kitchen is used and well love. That explanation doesn't fly with me. If I am spending a boatload on a counter I want it to look perfect. Many imperfections doesn't make something better in my eyes, but to each their own.

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"Many imperfections doesn't make something better in my eyes, but to each their own." ... Well we know one thing, you are not a soapstone person ;)

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To each their own, Realism. I happen to love my patination-in-action marble very much. My cabinets, a much larger expense than my Carrara, don't look perfect either 16 months later. :)

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Breezy - Which 511 sealer do you have? Is it the Porous Plus or the Impregnator? I have Kashmir White granite and our sealer is ok but not great. I have been looking at the 511 brand for when we reseal but I can't decide if we should spend the extra money on the porous plus or if the impregnator will be enough. If the impregnator has worked well enough to keep your beautiful marble stain free than I will probably go with that one. Sorry if I am going a little OT.

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I have marble counters and the price was very reasonable in comparison to other materials ( not a boatload!)

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The first morning of our demo, our Grind 'N Brew coffee maker leaked a full pot of coffee all over the side table and floor where we had set it while the kitchen was torn down. All I could think of was, "damn it, this WILL happen to me on the first day with our Carrara when it's installed."

So glad that others on GW have their priorities right. Coffee and marble lovers! Thanks for putting me at ease.

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Tim, I'm impressed by your gorgeous coffee! What artistry! Care to say what kind of beans you use? My espresso and steamed milk are good but no where near the artistry you manifest!

I do have the little rubber feet under the glass for the reason you mentioned -- and I find that some of the fine coffee grinds always creep under there.

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Melissa--I have the 511 impregnator recommended by my marble fabricator. She said that the 511 sold at HD, which is less costly, looks very similar but won't give the same results. I'm not sure if that is the case or not. This bottle was somewhere around $50 I think. My fabricator gave it to me so I'm not sure of the exact price. I sealed my Carrara three times upon install 16 months go and used very little of the bottle despite having lots of counter space. I was thinking about doing another round of sealer sometime in the near future, not because I'm getting any staining, but because I think it's beginning to wear off around the rangetop and cleanup sink where I wipe most often. My bottle of sealer should last many years.

My espresso machine is in the corner next to the stand mixer so I don't always see any spills. I'm not saying that DH is the one that spills on a rare occasion, but I will say that I do NOT spill any of my morning magic. ;)

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Thanks for the response Breezy - Impregnator it is. Our granite fabricator did a fabulous job installing but was not really helpful when we asked what type of sealer to use. His response was any sealer. Well DH took that to mean the sealer we used for our porcelain tiles would be fine. So far no staining but the granite behind our sink constantly has that soaked up water look. It eventually dries but I know we need a better sealer.

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You're welcome, Melissa. Showing water spots like that wouldn't make me happy. I didn't have any issue with even my unsealed marble. Good luck!

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