Anchorseal on Ipe deck

jasetheaceSeptember 28, 2009

We had a deck installed last week. They coated it with Anchorseal

(I just found that out today).

It still hasnt dried and it also rained in the last two days and the Anchorseal has gone this white color.

Upon researching Anchorseal Ive realized that it should never have been used in the first place.

My question is when the contractor comes back tomorrow, what are my options?

Did they ruin the wood and do we have to rip it up.

Can it be cleaned off

Can it be sanded off.

Right now it has the same consistency as if they just painted Vaseline on it?

Any insight would be appreciated.

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That is so dumb. You might have to scrape off what you can, and then sand the deck. If you try to sand it first, it will just foul up the sandpaper.
There might be a should contact anchorseal.
If it's an Ipe deck, the wood will be ok.


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amazing - hoping it's a bad joke.

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Wow, that's the dummest thing I've heard in awhile. Not much hope for that decking. Imo your best bet, or I should say your contractors best bet is to unscrew the boards & flip them over cause that side is history. Dummy should have read up on it's use before using it for a finish.

Forget sanding, that ain't gonna work, maybe a planer.

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I'm a woman and even I would not have done this! Anchorseal is for the ends of the boards to keep them from checking/etc. I had a tigerwood deck put down about 18 months ago, the distributor recommended Penofin Penetrating Oil Finish. 90% UV protection, Brazilian Rosewood Oil. I did it initially and should have reapplied it again, but with the business of trying to work and other things that didn't happen. So it has aged a silver color. Not bad but I'm going to pressure wash it and reseal it. Good luck with yours. I think you are screwed! By the way, they sold me a couple of quarts of a wax (probably similar to Anchorseal) to put on all of the fresh cut ends. When the wood was delivered all the ends were already coated. I just needed to reapply for the new cuts. Everything worked out fine.

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