woodrich stain on ipe is tacky

weluvnikSeptember 23, 2010

Hi, we stained our covered porch 2 weeks ago and it is still slightly tacky. What did we do wrong? The weather here has been cool and rainy, and the porch is covered so it doesn't get much sun light. We sanded prior to staining -- but my husband mistakenly used only a 100 grit sander, rather than a lower #. Could that be the problem? He applied the stain with a brush, as was recommended to him by woodrich.

Any suggestions for getting rid of the tackiness?

Thank you.

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Too much finish combined with rain.

The sanding grit had nothing to do with it. Wait it out.


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Thank you John! That makes me feel so much better. The weather is supposed to be much warmer and drier the next few days, hopefully that will help.

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Did you wipe it down with rags after applying the stain? I think Woodrich tells you to do this.

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no -- and I pestered my husband about doing so, but he said they told him to simply back brush it with the brush. we had a warm day yesterday and it feels less tacky today -- maybe it is finally drying. wish I could put a heat lamp on it -- is there such a thing for speeding up stain drying?

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