Molly Brown Pool Float ??

cathouse9June 5, 2011

I guess these have been discontinued for several years now. Mine are really faded and I'd love to find 2 more of the purple/yellow ones. Does anyone know of any available? Since they were so popular, why on earth did they discontinue them??

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I sold a ton of them at my store But yep they don't make them anymore...

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Did you try google shopping? I found a bunch for sale there.

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I did google them and many sites come up, but none actually have any for sale. It will say "this item has been discontinued" or "not available". I'd love if you could reply with some links where you found them though. Thanks!!

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Tuesday Morning had them in their sale paper about a week ago. This store focuses on selling discontinued items. Not sure where all the stores are located, but we have several in Texas.

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Thanks. I did just check my Tuesday Morning sale and there are 2 floats, but not Molly Brown. Does yours have it? Mine had TX Recreation and Poolmaster floats. I'm in Georgia BTW.

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You might look at the Kai Pool Float at It is not a Molly Brown but looks similar.

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I have been digging to replace my Molly Brown floats at the cottage, but it seems from all the posts that they are not made anymore. mine have rips and holes in the outter shell from 10 years of hard use, but still keep on floating. I am disappointed they are not available anymore. Have it in mind to try to figure out if anyone could redo the outside cover. Has anyone found a suitable replacement for the Molly Brown?

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Ah, old Molly... I never did find more. I decided on these floats and have been happy with them :) Nice quality.

Here is a link that might be useful: World's Finest Pool Float

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I bought Molly replacements from Frontgate as well.

Bought both the "Luxe Kai" and the "Worlds Finest", both in Gingko/green.

Nice floats. This is either the second or third summer with them. Time flies when you're in a relaxing daze...

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