Tiger Claw vs Eb tie dilema?

nellypatelSeptember 17, 2009

Is there a significant cost difference between Tiger Claw and Eb-ty? I have contractors who are willing to screw me over at every chance they get. They were originally going to do a 45 degree deck, with the face screws... they then told me that if I did a straight lay with eb-ty it would be more labor and then charged me more money... however when I have another GC look at the job I was told that the product used was Tiger Clips.

I essentially want to know if I got ripped off here, paying for the labor and material of Eb-ty's and ending up with Tiger Clips...

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Always the first to defend A Contractor....It could be both the fasteners were under the generic overlay of hidden clip fasteners the labor price is the same using either one, There is a lot of Labor differance between face fastining and using the clips like three times.

If my Co. had to put down decking using the clips I would defentley use tiger claw and not eb-ty for a lot of reasons. The differance between the two in price depends on how you buy they are the same to me, far as Labor goes its the same also.

Latey I have had some most excelent Wallets, good to work with, good with the money, brought us out ice and drinks, gave us bathroom privlage, a couple of them tiped my Crew,one even gave me a Lime tree but I had to promice to take it in come winter time.

You might want to think a little before you call out you geting screwed. JonMon

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i have seen many complaints on the use of the eb-ty on different forums. I have yet to see any on the new tiger claws. I think you ended up with the best solution for an edge fastener.


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If I say you got screwed big time are going to call your contractor on the carpet? Are you just looking for something to complain about? That's what it sounds like, imo anyway.

Be glad he used anything other than eb-ty's.

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