Need HONEST opinion on turquoise/teal stools

spider96March 31, 2012

Howdy folks!

Some of you might remember me- I was on here a lot a 1-2 years ago while we were building, and really have not been on since we moved a year or so ago. I never did come back and post finished photos even though I had the best of intentions.

I had some barstools painted, and I really cannot decide if I love them or hate them. My first instinct when I got them back is that it's too much....but I'm giving myself a few days to see if they grow on me.

It suddenly dawned on me this evening that this forum would be the perfect place to post a picture and get some honest feedback. My colors downstairs are yellow, red, and teal, so that sort of explains why I did it. I was trying to bring that color into the kitchen, but is it too much? Yay? Nay?

I'm also going to post a picture looking in from the eating area so you can see the color on the window treatments, kitchen chair cushions, etc.

You will not hurt my feelings....please tell the truth. Thanks for any feedback! :)

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I kinda wish the whole thing wasn't blue...

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First impression: They seem to match the bowls and teapot just right and go with the curtains in the next room, so they work.

2nd impression after reading Remodelfla's comment: Maybe black legs?

3rd impression after wondering why you may be uncertain: From a distance they look even lighter than the bowl and a bit too pastel. I think I'd like them better if they had less white in the color (truer, less muddy from the lightening) and were a darker shade of the turquoise... Maybe like the bottom of the tea pot toward teal. --Something that seems less bowl-appropriate and more furniture-appropriate if that makes any sense! ;-) -To go with/connect with the other turquoise, but in a less matchy way.

By the way, welcome back, and the kitchen is wonderful!

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I agree- IF teal stools are even a good idea (which I don't think they are at this point) I totally got it wrong. They aren't really pastel- the picture was from my phone and isn't good. But they should be a much darker shade of teal.

I am thinking I might sell them- at least I didn't invest in new stools this color.

But if I sell them and get new stools.....should I just go for black? Is that too boring or matchy with the kitchen chairs?
I could also do a different/darker painted finish in a combo of red and darker teal. (there's a great store nearby that does amazing stools in custom colors)
But then again, I've kind of lost trust in my own judgement after this!

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Spider -- where have you been so long?! So glad to have you back with pictures of your beautiful, warm kitchen. I actually really like the color of the bar stools. I like how it picks up the colors in your beautiful floral curtains and checked chair pads in the dining area. But then again, I'm a big fan of the country feel of blue and yellow together. I'm not as crazy about the metal ring on the base of the chairs. But I guess that is structural. And, that is not a question you asked.

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Yes, they are too light. But with that red island, I think I'd be happier to see metal stools there.

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I'd just paint them a darker teal.

Behr Cozumel

But I also see Marcolo's point about just simple aluminum stools working well.

$99 @ Target

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What a fabulous kitchen! I honestly love the color of your stools, but not with the red island and adorable little red chairs peeking out. Could you do black stools with a cushion to match your drapes? I would not do aluminum stools as your SS is not dominant, but that's just MHO. Enjoy!

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I like them. Take the 3rd one and set it off to the side against a wall with a plant or a big basket with hats and gloves or magazines,newspapers and the impact of the 3 lined up will change. Leave 2, with space between them. They are fine, would definitely not start thinking of repainting or getting new ones. [Remove the blue bowl from the top,it's nerve racking].The whole space is a play with color:you've arrived at this point,better to respect that than start "messing" or "adjusting" things. Seriously-you done good....

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I have a feeling that to use them you would have to keep the blue bowl on the counter all the time for them to match something. Your curtains and cushions appear to have grey in the blue. There is no grey in the stools. Stools with some grey metal, either all grey or just the legs and then cushions on the seats would look nice.

Love the kitchen.

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I'd try painting them (those one, not new ones) a darker teal color. Then from there decide what to think and if they need more tweaking, like black legs. I like color and I like teal so I would at least try that before scratching them all together. Just my .02

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Hi Again Spider! Great to see other views of your kitchen : )
I love teal with the yellow but, for me, with the red it seems like a lot to look at. Like others said, maybe if there were less of it.. Also, it doesn't seem to go with your curtain but I could be wrong.
I'd prefer black or metal as well for the chairs.
Your kitchen looks GREAT! : )

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Hi Spider,

Your kitchen is just beautiful. The stool color..... something is clashing... and I am not sure if a Teal is going to be any better?
Maybe dark brown/black to pick out the Perimeter Counter Top and Pendant?

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I think the darker teal would clash with the patterned drapes.
I'd stick with black and let the other colors in the room get the attention.

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Nice space! Everything around the stools is pretty muted. I feel the stools are too bright to really work. The aqua needs to also be more muted/dusky in tone.

When you see bright stools in photographs they're also in bright kitchens. It works because everything meshes well. I think your questioning the fact that you like the color but something is just a bit off. I really think if you just repaint them a more muted shade it will work much better. Or if you want to play it safer, go for the metal stool.

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How about this stool in gun metal or one of the other finishes? There are also some nice seat color options. This stool was one that was suggested to me for my kitchen and was on my short list. I ended up buying the Johnston Casuals Circle stools in Chablis that looks more brassy in person. These Johnston Casual chairs/stools are VERY comfortable and well made. I didn't want to pay this much but they are so worth it. You might find a better deal on a different site though.

Here is a link that might be useful: another great Johnston Casuals stool

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Sorry I sent a link that did not include all the height options. I think they start at 24" h.

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Have you thought about painting the stools black just to see how they will look - I personally think black will look great. A quart of paint would do it.

Even if you want to change style, at least that would give you an idea if you even want black. Black should sell easier also.

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One more thought - if you like the teal, adding a glaze would darken them and diminish the "pastel" look. Not sure how that will look with the red.

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I like them- but I think the color is just a bit off. I don't know how- too "milky"? Not quite gray enough?

Your kitchen is exquisite- I love the colors, the layout, the floor! - all of it. Nice to see such a masterful use of color. Although black chairs would match, I don't think they'd do your kitchen justice.

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Thanks everyone- this is exactly what I needed to hear. I knew they weren't right and it's so helpful to get the confirmation I needed and not try anymore to like them. Standing alone, I love them, but not in my kitchen. Thanks for all the very helpful suggestions and ideas.

I love the comment about how they do work sometimes, but in a kitchen that is very bright and airy.

It's just way too much going on.....oh, and fyi, the red is not that red in's a much darker red on the island but for some reason it photographed as crayon red.

I feel like I have been freed from my turquoise stools- thank you!!! I'm not sure what I'm going to do....whether I paint them again or sell them.

Y'all are the best!

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Here is another idea if you didn't like the one above. You can also get either chair in a ruby red finish and do a dark seat. There will be a contrast in the reds compared to your island. I sort of like that but it may not be for everyone.

Here is a link that might be useful: another barstool with color options

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I think a darker teal would look great. I have a similar color scheme in my house, including Hawthorne yellow outside, Ralph Lauren Maleya Red walls, and an antique teal cupboard and I love it. I L O V E your kitchen!

IRL the teal is a little deeper, and looks great with the red.

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I love it also! But do have to agree that a slightly darker shade of teal would be better -- I do like the Cozumel color posted above, and wouldn't worry about matching the bowl exactly. (Honestly, I think the bowl is a bit too small to anchor the island/table anyway.)

Give your original vision one more chance with a darker teal. *Anyone* can do black -- But how many can rock a look like you've got going? You can -- and *will* if you don't give up.

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I love that teal door! I think that's the look I was going for....

I agree that the teal bowl is too small- that was my attempt at making the chairs relevant. It failed.

sweeby, thanks for your kind comments. I do like the idea of the darker teal, I'm just not sure if I should try it instead on the kitchen chairs, which are on my list to replace.

So here's another idea I was thinking about. I can put the chairs that are around the kitchen table in my (casual) dining room and start fresh in this area.

There's a great company called Eddy West that makes really cool rustic furniture pieces, and they have an amazing teal and red color. I could do a dining chair around the kitchen table in a dark red with accents of teal. Maybe something like this chair, with the main part red and some parts on the top dark teal.

If I did that, I could keep the barstools simple and paint them black.

I could keep the black dining chairs with the cushions as they are and try for a deeper teal kitchen stool.

Thoughts? Is anyone still reading? :)

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Your kitchen is beautiful and the stools reminded me of one of Martha's original kitchen/dining rooms with a similar color chair and matching dishes -
here's the link

I'm sure if your write martha one of her aides will give you the color- as I'm certain its "one of her own!
I actually love the color in your kitchen but just think it needs to be muted down a bit.. there is a also a blog about turquoise... the woman knows everything about the color and its great for inspiration pictures!
Now I have a question about your beautiful kitchen - can you share the ceiling height?

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Your kitchen is so pretty and happy-looking! Honestly, I like the teal stools - and how they pull the colors from the other little teal accent pieces - and I think what would help alot is if you could change out the valance over the window to a fabric that's more like the one in the 2nd picture on the left. It has the yellow, red, and teal colors in it - that would "pull everything together". Or maybe a different pattern fabric (geometric or striped) with those colors in it.

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OK I know I stink at this color adjustment thing with pictures but I'm seeing a red stool, doesn't have to be the same red as island. I think a dark teal-ish could work on the seat cover.

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I know I am in the minority but I love the stools. Your kitchen is beautiful. I love the feel of the light pastel colors. It is reminds of cozy farm kitchen. Love the wood floors. I like the idea of your dinning room chairs with a matching teal color in the kitchen. Black would like nice in the kitchen but I do like the stool color you have. I think the stools have personality. All the stools don't have to match either. You could have black and teal and then the red and teal ones in the dinning room.

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I would paint them black and then do seat cushions in the drapery fabric that is in the next room, that is beautiful! The black would really make the fabric dare I say pop?
Sara Katz

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Here's a better example of how the stools could sort of blend into the island color but have an interesting shape and dark teal on the seats for just the right amount of color pop.. Or if you do not like this stool you could still do the same color set-up of red with teal seat. Although... I do like this stool because the seat area is squared off for a touch of modern.
This way they are adding to but not taking away from the coolness you already have going on.

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I agree with one of the posters that it would look nice to bring in a different window treatment made in the same fabric as the panels in the dining area (or a coordinate in the same colors but I like that fabric a LOT). That might take the emphasis off the chairs and make them seem to fit in more instead of not having a partner in the room. BTW, your home is lovely! I love it. Really love that fabric!!!

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Yes, I agree with gr8day and the others about the curtains. Although you could scratch the teal idea and keep the curtains and use the color in the curtain as your accent in the kitchen. Is that a blue gray? Its hard to tell on my monitor. If it's a blue/gray that would also look pretty as the seat color on a red stool.

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I love all these ideas! Thanks for the pictures and thoughts.

The bad news is that the window treatments are new and there's no way I can do the kitchen one over at this point.
The ones in the eating area are actually teal, not light blue like they look. They are actually almost the exact shade of the bar stools- I know it does not look that way from the pictures.
I also have that fabric as drapes in the family room, so it would probably be too much to put it in the kitchen again. I agree something with teal would have been good in the kitchen....oh well!

Another though also is that I don't really want fabric seating on my counter stools. My little devils somehow manage to spill on everything, and those are used every morning at breakfast. It needs to be very low maintenance.

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I can't have fabric seating either. All of the Johnston Casual stools have a wide selection of good quality leather look "vinyl" colors (thats what I have). You have to contact the company for all the seat and chair finish colors because they do not show all on most sites. I think you can send in your own seat cover picks too if you want.
P.S I love the curtains and glad the color works.

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I'm way in the minority, but I actually love them.

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I think the stools would look great, in stainless or black. Usually, with three colors, one is dominant, one secondary and then there's an accent color.

The yellow is beautiful and I love the red island...and the teal teapot and bowls pick up the teal/blue in the dining they make a great accent, in the kitchen.

The problem with the stools being teal (IMHO) is that now the teal and red are too balanced. Which one is the accent color? The red is now fighting with the teal, for second place, rather than the teal being the accent.

Change the color of the stools and I think you'll be much happier :)

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Hi Spider, I remember you. I think I even remember a very pretty mudroom that you painted a beautiful green. I could be wrong. Its been a little. I like your colors and it just seems like a happy home. I like the teal you have but like others have said maybe a little more duskier if you have to change it. Then I wondered if you ever considered a wood in the color of your island top? I think that is why others were saying metal. Your kitchen is gorgeous and I just wanted to say don't fret over it too much because your kitchen is lovely. Nice to hear from you and to see your kitchen again!

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I think that lavender lass has nailed it exactly. We like the teal, but the stools are too much of it to be an accent color in this room. I would have to agree with the idea of the aluminum for looks if not for comfort, or the wood tone of your counter top perhaps with a vinyl seat for comfort. I love the warmth and charm of your kitchen.

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Lavender, that makes a lot of sense to me! I think you are right.

Maggie, yes! You have a great memory. The funny thing about the stools is that the original color was actually the color of the island top. They seemed to blend in with the floor and island top and I guess i was looking for something more exciting and fun. Be careful what you wish for!

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You can have any fabric laminated for easy cleaning : )

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gr8day- Really??? I've seen some fabrics I want to use but thought for our banquette I should get indoor/outdoor. Tell me more about this lamination : )
(Send me an email if you'd like : ) Thanks!

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Yeah, I want to hear more about covering fabrics, too.

I am still so confused on what to do. I feel like half of the people responding say keep the teal but go darker/more muted, and the other half are saying get rid of the teal and do black or something else.
I don't know what to do!

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I like them! I think that they look like accent pieces and compliment the other colours in the room. I think you have a beautiful unique kitchen and the teal colour works in there.
In the end, you have to live with them. What is your gut telling you?

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I think her gut was telling her they don't work, hence the post double checking her opinion.....

I think if they are anything but a neutral, they will get in the way of your other colors. You can't have too many divas in a room or it becomes noisy.

You could first try toning them down by painting the seat and and outer frame in black and leaving the legs and spindles in teal. If that does not work, then go all black and be done with it.

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spider- One of the great things about GW, as you know, is all the great ideas and comments you receive. One of the worst things about GW, is... the SAME THING! lol I know how you feel. Sometimes you still end up having to make the decision. Often people have different ideas of what's good or not.
Your kitchen is gorgeous- trust what YOU want to do. Perhaps the fact that you are questioning the stools in the first place is b/c you don't really love how they look. Maybe just tweaking the color will be your answer- or maybe a totally different direction! : ) good luck!

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I love your kitchen! I just finished an older, inset, yellow kitchen remodel, so I totally appreciate your aesthetic!

DH and I love color, too. Since we were doing laminate counters on our yellow cabs, he actually wanted to put in robin's egg blue countertops (!). Since we were also doing open shelving that I wanted to paint green, I felt it would just be too much, so I went with a neutral countertop to keep the focus on the cabs and shelving.

I agree that a black or stainless would look great for the chairs...maybe even a wood to coordinate with your gorgeous island top? And the laminated fabric on the seats to coordinate with your window treatments would be great.

Anyway, just wanted to say how much I love your kitchen. Thanks so much for posting!

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Why don't you try painting one of the chairs you have to see what you like?
You could try painting one chair with this coloration in mind. Except do the chair in red and leave the seat color you have. I tried for some visuals here to explain what I meant in a previous post above.

I know others have mentioned black or stainless but to me it would just be adding another color to the mix. The picture below is nothing like your kitchen but it does have red stools next to a red island. If the kitchen was like yours and had teal/turquoise accents in the back ground one could get away with a teal seat color weather it be the same as yours or a bit darker. I think you can also get a basic idea on how black or stainless stools would not look right in the mix and could just look cluttered.

If you paint one chair as suggested above and like the colors but not the chair there are a few other stool companies who do red. Bago Luma is one off the top of my head (although pricey). They have a few styles besides this plus different seat cover picks but I wanted to show the red.

Or, this...

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You know I really think the lighter color seat you have would look better than a darker teal like I thought. I had seats even darker than this and it just faded away.

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I love the teal stools and really think you should just make them darker and "dusty" teal like others have suggested. I think they really offset your kitchen nicely.
I don't like ANY of the other stool options posted; especially the heavy looking wood ones. WAY too heavy for your light and airy space. Maybe add a red cushions after painting them again to tie it all together?

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Spider- The key is to do what YOU want. We're all telling you what we would do with the space...but it's not our space.

I love color, but again...I believe you're having trouble with the proportion of color. Maybe try draping some towels or even black garbage bags, over the stools and see what you think. If you miss the teal, then keep it. Just think about how you want to balance the red with the teal. If the proportions 'felt' right, I don't think you would have posted this thread. Just make sure it's still YOUR kitchen, no matter what you decide :)

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I think a dark navy would compliment the rest of the kitchen.

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Thanks everyone....I never thought I'd get so many replies on this! So funny that it's about half saying one thing and half saying the opposite, and what fishies said- I still have the same decision to make in the end.

I'm still unsure of what to do....I do know that what I have is not staying the way it is, but somehow, the weirdness of it all is growing on me. I guess they've been here 3 days and now I'm sort of adjusting. Not to the color, just to the randomness.

I'm heading tomorrow to look at some other stool options at the place I linked above. If I make any decisions I will update.

Thanks again....and please don't hesitate to add in your two cents if you are reading this!

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Here is some info on fabric laminating

Here is a link that might be useful: Fabric laminating

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