Transition between two DiamondBrite colors

jscozzJune 21, 2012

Trying to figure out best way to do this. Will be doing Baha shelf in Pearl and the rest of the pool in French Gray. My PB has not done the two tone DB before. Where does it transition? I assume you can just do a cold joint at the edge of the step (which is rounded over I am guessing)... I have seen a lot of pictures of two tone pools with baha shelf on here, but I do not recall seeing any details about how and where they transitioned between the two.

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Using a 2x2 tile as a break line for the two finishes is helpful, especially if the plaster contractor has not done two tones before.
It doesn't really matter if the PB hasn't done it. The question should be has the plasterer done it?
Good luck.

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My PB does the diamond brite himself.

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With tile, are you talking about using tile on the flat shelf surface edge or on the step vertical surface... ie. the shelf color going over the rounded edge of the shelf and meeting the tile an inch or so down the vertical surface of the step? That might be a good place to do the break.

If it is on the flat surface, then you see both colors on the shelf edge... although, may be that is good so you see the step edge and don't fall off.

I'd love to find some pictures.

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The tile typically goes on the top of the step so that you can easily see where the edge of the step is... so you dont fall off. I haven't really seen any 2-tone plaster jobs, but I can say that a lot of color plasters "Look" 2-tone because the color changes significantly based on how deep the water is. What looks Beige in a few inches of water might look totally different in 3 feet of water. Here's an example that illustrates what I'm trying to say. Credit to Leonardsmalls on this forum for the picture of his beautiful pool!

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Hey jscozz, did you finalize your colors? We finally chose Ocean Blue and I told them to hurry up and order so I can't change my mind! Don't forget to post pics when they're done. French gray was my initial pick, then it went everywhere. Right now they're doing the spray deck texture and plaster is next, hopefully Monday! I'll post pics as well. It's been a long agonizing 6 weeks!

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No. Have not finalized colors yet.

Ocean blue is nice... expensive! :)

I'd love to see pictures when yours is done. We have to go see a few pools in person to get a better idea of what we are going to choose.

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Here is a pool that I admire who did the transition well...

Hope this helps.

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OH, there you go!

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