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shellipJune 27, 2011


It looks as though we are tearing out the pool and rebuilding. Want to be sure there are no mistakes the second time around.

Does any one have an opinion on pool lights for the above pool? My contract calls for two pool lights, but the PB is suggesting only one in the deep end @ 500 watts. Is this sufficient?

Also, could you please comment on the following equipment?

*Pentair Automatic Water Filler

T-40bg Auto fil GRP

*Hayward Goldine Turbo Cell

Free Chlorine T- Cell 15 (40K gallon, 3 yr. warr.,15'cable)

*Hayward Gold line Aqua Rite Salt Chlorine Generator


*TriStar High Performance Pump Series

SP3210EE 1 HP

*Hayward 425 sq/ft Swim Clear Cartridge

Model c4030

*(1)500 watt light

*Hayward Skimmer Cover

Thank you in advance.


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I like to place the lights facing away from the patio when possible. That way you see the glow and not the light itself. It seems that 2 lights are more popular these days than one, but it's a personnal choice.

I'm not a fan of Hayward equipment, but every PB uses what he is familiar with or what's most available in his area. Some will use a certain brand based on the warranty service they receive in their part of the country.

Is your splash deck dry or wet?

Where are the steps to enter the pool?

Are you expecting a large flow of water over the dam wall into the sump? I only see one pump listed and it will only give you about 3gpm of flow per foot of wall.

Any automated controller? Depending on the method of plumbing the sump, you may want to have the flow automated.

That should be enough questions to get the wheels turning.

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For some idea of how it'll look, you can see some of the night pix on my blog.
From The New Blue Pool

I can't quite make out the dimensions of your pool, but this diagonal is 39' long. The far diagonal is just to the right of that shallow end light at 3'6" and the glow you can see in the foreground is the deep end lights at 6'6" or maybe a bit deeper.
Unfortunately, none of the pictures on my blog are taken from the angle of the house, but I'm not thrilled with the spa light shining straight at the lanai. Although the spa is raised 6" above the pool, the entire pool is dropped 4"+ below the lanai, and the lanai is 4" below the sliding doors in the house, so the spa light glares straight at me when I peek out at the pool.

Here is a link that might be useful: my blog - night lights

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Golfgeek & c9pilot,

The pool is 16x36, with a 32' weir wall.

The splash deck is 12" deep, and there is a step from there into the pool.

Have no kids, so not much rowdy activity expected in the pool. Maybe once a month with grandkids (4).

Will ask about automated controller.

Thanks for the info on the lights. Never thought about what they will look like glaring into the patios!!

Thank you.

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