Longer or wider?

jscozzJune 21, 2012

We are getting very close to ground breaking... and I am looking forward to starting a "Pool build" thread with pictures on here...

Painted the pool out today in the yard... my first impression was that it should be a little shorter and a little wider... I know it is a very subjective question... but those of you who guessed at what size was right for you, did you guess right? Would you go wider? Longer? Shorter?

My layout is free-form... center line length 47'. Width at center narrow section, 16'. Width at deep end: 19'. Shallow end has a bumped out baha shelf that makes the overall width about 29'.

My first impression in looking at it painted on the ground is to reduce overall length by 2 feet to 45', and increase width at center and deep end by 2 feet.

We do not swim laps... will mainly be used by family, kids, volleyball, etc. I would love to hear opinions on how the size you picked looked and worked out for you once built... and if you would do it differently now?

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Can you post a picture? CAD drawings?

You only need 40 feet for laps if you DID want to swim them.

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I don't have any yet from PB... I will try to sketch it out and post... I guess I am curious what an average width is for a 40-45 ft lagoon style pool... seems that 16 at the narrow midpoint is too small... we want to use it for volleyball and games too.

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In my opinion, the most aesthetically pleasing would be for the average width to be about half of the length (within a foot or two). 16x47 seems pretty narrow (unless it's going in a long, narrow yard. If your length is set on 47' I would try to keep the "average Width" around 22'-24'.

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Hi jscozz, ours is 36' x 16' give or take and I would definitely go wider next time. There are just 3 of us, so it isn't a problem, but I think it would be nice for games and also just floating around on a raft to have more room. That said, 36' is plenty long. good luck!

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