Help! Very Small Patio/Deck Suggestions Needed...With Pics!

losfelizdirtSeptember 7, 2009

I just moved into a little beach cottage. The backyard is tiny -- about 15 feet by 25 feet....and i have a desire to have a proper "deck" off of the kitchen.

I would like to make a small 10ft by 3.5 foot sitting area.

What's a little confusing here is that I have these cement steps that go down from the kitchen. I'd rather have a deck flush with the second step, but I'm wondering if that is a. functional and b. more expensive than simply putting in pavers on the ground.

What would you guys do? There is some shoddy brickwork in the yard, i was thinking of steeling the brick and just using that. Also thinking of all the other possibilities -- redwood/cedar....and stone tile over concrete...

Thoughts? Keeping it cheap?

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I believe ours is similar to what you describe. This deck covers the original concrete steps but I built it flush with the house floor. I felt this would be safer for carrying things indoors/outdoors. Ours measures 4 feet wide and we use it for egress from the house onto the patio. It certainly could accommodate a couple chairs.

The only observation I have is your height. Leaving the top step exposed might set the decking too close to the ground and cause a moisture problem for the wood.

I believe the least costly material for building a deck will be pressure treated wood but cedar will be more lasting and with the relatively small size the cost difference shouldn't be too much. Good luck.

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