Recommendations for Keller new build please:)

dan77June 22, 2010

I am looking to add a new pool with spa and a few water features in Keller. Please recommend some pool builders so I can narrow down the choices. Price is an issue, but I want quality also. Most bang for my bucks:)

Thanks in advance

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Hello Dan77. Paul Miller Custom Pools built mine back in the winter. We were VERY pleased with the whole process and he's been very helpful after the sale. What we liked about him is that there was not a middle man. He does all of the leg work himself and was there on site during each of the different phases. He comes highly recommended from the wife and I. Good luck in your selection process.

Here is a link that might be useful: my build

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Check out They are local to Keller. Sam and Mike (the owners) worked with Paul Miller for a few years before going out on their own. We are in the process of having them bid for us. I called 4 references from them today and everybody spoke highly of them. With that said if could be a rigged list... and they haven't been around as long as Claffey Pools (great pools, but expensive) or Pulliam Pools who've been around since World War I (not kidding.. check them out too).


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I had proposal from Claffy, Hobart and Klapprodt. After doing all my homework and I narrowed it down to Claffy and Klapprodt. Claffy builds some great pools and they have an awesome rep in the DFW area. But Their numbers for the exact same design, equip and final product was a number of grand higher then all others.
I went with Klapprodt and was very impressed with the design, build and final product. The communication was above and beyond from other contracts I have dealt with and their follow up and action to resolve a couple of small issues was handled quickly and professionally. They too were more then some of the other proposals I recieved, but for me paying alittle more was well worth it for peace of mind and for the security I felt I had going with a builder that had a history and was well planted in the area.

I would give Matt a call over there and see if you can set up a time to meet.

If you would like to see one of their finished pools and your in the Mansfield area your more than welcome to look at our build.

Good luck with your can be tough at times, but it's well worth it!

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Call Bob Bucanan at Seahorse pools and tell him Greg sent you. He will work out a good deal with you at that point.

If you want to see some of his work, you can contact me and I can show you our modern looking pool or my neighbors Lagoon style pool.

Here is mine:

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We live in Keller and are halfway through our pool build with Puryear pools. To this point, they have been great and I would highly recommend them.

When I did my research, I wanted a builder that was at least 10-years in the buiness and had a near flawess BBB record.

We interviewed Klapprodt, Ponderosa and Puryear and we ultimately decided to work with Puryear, mostly because we were ready to get building when we were. I contacted about 15 of their 100 or so references and did not get one bad review. All said that they would use them again.

What we have liked about Puryear to this point is the constant communication, the willingness to work with us and ultimately that they were ready to get started and we didn't have to wait on them.

From people I talked to and the research I did, you probably won't be disappointed with any of the pool builders that were listed above.

Best of luck!

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That's good to hear rsbm_rhino,

We interviewed them too and was not impressed at all but I think it was mostly the sales consultant we didn't like.

They also gave me a high bid and when I walked away they asked if I would use them if they took 10k off the price which really scared me.

Someone on this forum, that was building at the same time we were, used Puryear and had a few issues but ended up with a beautiful pool.

Stay on top of them and I am sure you will have a great and beautiful pool that will last a long time.

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I used Puryear and would not reccomend them. Yes, they were fast and yes they *said* most all of the right things, and yes they came back and re-did some things that were not satisfactory, but the issues still aren't satisfactory and things should be done right the first time to begin with. I really really wish we had gone with Klapprodt which was the company we almost went with....

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I appreciate the feedback and I will be the first one to post on the outcome of our Puryear pool. Jenno_tx, you are officially the first person that I heard from that did not recommend Puryear. I am sorry you are not happy with your pool, the pictures look great.

They have been great for us thus far, calling us each week to check how things are going and everyone has called me back in within an hour when I have had any questions. They have been very flexible when we make last minute changes and at this point, I would still highly recommend them.

We are at the decking stage and the weather last week has delayed our pour and we are scheduled to get our decking in the morning. We will see since there is a 60% chance of rain. We are going with the same "skin" design as you Jenno_tx and I think yours looks awesome. We are ready to start swimming, so stay away rain!

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rsbm_rhino, I think it's wonderful that your experience is going so well! Just goes to show for every 1 bad experience there is usually more than one good experience.

Fingers crossed for the weather to hold off for your deck! This has been a pretty crazy July in N. Tx. The rain started right after they stamped ours and it was a mess and ruined our pour-a-lids and pour-a-drains which have never been properly corrected... Are you having yours sealed? I'm anxious to have ours done finally.

Puryear is certainly VERY responsive. That has never been the issue for us. That also have some fabulously friendly employees. It's quality that has been our issue. They are sending out the plaster guys for the 3rd time in a year today. The edge of the spa bench edge sitting on razor blades since day one, the stonescapes was never smoothed out properly. Fingers crossed that 3rd time is he charm on finally resolving this issue!

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I know this post is old, but we signed our contract with Puryear three months ago and our pool is still not completed.

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Alexina Properties

sm123, did you pool get finished and are you happy?

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Dan77....who did you ultimately hire? We are considering Watercrest, Claffey, and Paul Miller at the moment.


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