Stamped concrete driveway

nature_nutSeptember 1, 2006

Do any of you have a stamped concrete driveway???

How much did it cost you?? I have no idea what to expect but I would love to have one done. Aside from the cost, how long did it take? Any info. would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Just out of curiosity, what is it that you like about a stamped concrete driveway over a paver driveway? I've installed both, but tend to like paver stones better.

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I guess the look can be prety similar if done properly but I like the fact that stamped concrete is worry free. I mean there is no concern over shifting, or weeds growing between pavers, etc. I suppose since you have done both you would be able to tell me whether this is correct or not. I am however worried about the cost. Also if the job is not done properly I suppose it would be difficult to correct. Am I right?

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With pavers, rainwater can infiltrate into the ground, which will filter out pollutants and replenish the groundwater. This is environmentally preferable to an impermeable concrete driveway, because runoff from the concrete flows to the storm drain system and then to the nearest waterbody, without any treatment.

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I had a large stamped concrete patio installed about 2 years ago. The cost was about $10/sqft and might differ greatly with your location. Once a year I roll on a coat of an exposed aggragate concrete clear finish to give it a wet look that really increases the color contrast although does make it more slippery. I think it looks awesome! Compared to my neighbor who operates a very large well known landscaping company who installed his own paver driveway, the concrete is much more stable through the changing weather.

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We just looked into stamped concrete for our circular drive, front steps and the area just around our house in back. My husband interviewed the guy and he was a referral from a colleague so aparently we were being quoted a bottom line price. When my husband - with some trepidation - told me the price I actually felt ill. We have spent a lot on this whole house renovation and additon and that is with my husband GCing and doing a lot of the work (he is a contractor IRL)and although I knew that we had to some work in terms of exterior hard surface, I guess I was being hopefully naive about it. He quoted us $35.000++ It was going to take three weeks. This guy comes highly recommended and if you really want it I would be happy to pass on his name if you would like it. (We are in the Toronto area - not sure if that is close to you)

I then went to work finding alternatives to stamped concrete and along the way, learned that up here in Canada with our winters, that it can be VERY slippery. Apparently more than one person has actually not been able to stop and has ended up going right through their garage door! 'Not to mention falls. Also, unless it is done well, it tends to crack and peel. Anyway, I have decided to go ashphalt for the driveway, flagstone for the steps and DH and a few young friends will do the necessary concrete work in the back. The stamped concrete would have just made the other concrete around the pool, which I am NOT doing anything to, look bad anyway. This work is going to cost me less than $10,000.

Here is a link that might be useful: house so far

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Decorative concrete overlays are the way to go. About $7-$8 per SF.

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We just had a 273sf stamped concrete patio done. $14./sq ft

Email me ( and I'll send photos of the work in progress and what the stamps look like if you're interested.

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We are putting in a concrete patio in Michigan. (16x24 feet) I have heard and read of some horror stories with stamped concrete.

How much maintanence is really involved with stamped concrete? Will the color fade? Will the texture chip away? If it will end up looking bad, I'll just do a broom finish and be done.

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Just had Italian Slate Overlay done on one of my decks. They recommend re-sealing it every couple of years. A friend in Boulder CO has this same stamped overlay and it is very faded and the cut-in area of the stamps are really deep (catching dirt and leaves)...I don't think they have kept up with the sealing.

They had to do a non-permeable undercoat on my deck first because my deck was above a it was a three step process...I believe it was $30 sq ft.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stampable Overlay

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I am considering stamped concrete for my walk ways and a patio. Can anyone tell me what the cost is to something like this and how long does the stamping last, does it have to be resurfaced each year?

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Depends on amount of work and type of stamps.
For large projects with rolled stamps you can get your driveways prepared, poured and stamped under $4/sq.ft. Rolled stamps are easier to do (labor wise)then broomed. Get bids from craigslist, not from yellow pages, otherwise you'll end up paying ten fold of it.

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can you tell me how much should i spend on Stamped concrete driveway?

i am just confused .

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We recently did our backyard with stamped concrete. Can we do the sealing of this concrete ourselves? What is the typical procedure to apply the sealing and what would be a good product ?

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What is the cost per square foot for stamped concrete, including labor?

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I'm looking to make my own pillars out of concrete to replace the rotting wood posts for my patio roof and add Balustrade columns again made from concrete around the patio to give it some pizazz.

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i would like a to locate a web directory that has pictures and step by step

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