Substitute for Cabot's Bleaching Oil? X- Post from Painting forum

rem1970September 17, 2013

I am having a new redwood fence built, and would like to apply something to protect it as well as change the color to more of a silvery gray. Both the Bleaching Oil and Weathering Stain products from Cabot seem to get good reviews, but I've found I can't purchase them in California.

Can anyone recommend a similar product? Thanks in advance!

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I use a wood brightener from North American Pressure Wash Outlet. As a pressure washer, I use their products all the time. I think they ship nationwide. Look under "chemicals" and find the wood cleaner products. Remember...these are contractor-grade chemicals so you won't find them at a big-box store. The directions are simple and if you take normal safety precautions (maybe some gloves/goggles) you can use this and be just fine.

Good luck!

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