restore glossy finnish on porcelain sink?

htraceyMarch 17, 2013

I have been using my new porcelain on cast iron sink for a while now and I love it, but I am often scrubbing metal marks out of the bottom. I think I have started to wear on the glossy finish. Does anybody have any recommendations on how to restore the finnish?

It isnt visible but the bottom feels rugher and i find it is picking up more color then it used to. I have since tried to be more gentle when cleaning.

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polident? (totally never tried it .... so don't without testing first)

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Be careful what you are using to clean your sink. Baking soda should take off the metal marks from pans and the like. I keep a little container of it under the sink. Wet your finger, dip it into the baking soda and lightly scrub the mark. It should come off easily. You can also take out stains by doing the same thing, but just leave it on the stain for awhile. If it is a really tough or old stain, try Barkeeper's Friend, but again only scrub lightly. Neither of these are as abrasive as kitchen cleanser and will keep your sink from losing it's finish. My porcelain sink is over 17 years old and still looks pretty new. You might want to invest in sink mats as well. It does help save your sink from scratches and marks, both porcelain and stainless.

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Once you wear away the finish, it's gone. It cannot be restored. You will have to replace the sink. Get a grid if you're getting metal marks. And stop scrubbing with abrasives! A green scotchbrite scrubbie should be enough to remove anything from the sink's surface without damaging it.

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Going forward (perhaps with a new sink), you might use a product I learned about on Gardenweb: R.O.G.1, one of the only cleaning products recommended by Kohler for use on their cast iron tubs. It works great on the cast iron tub and sink. It leaves a beautiful shine.

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I think once the glossy finish is gone, it is gone. I had a small patch that was worn down and tried gel gloss which I heard of here. Absolutely worthless.

Here is a fascinating blog article about products to use on Kohler sinks and tubs.

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Thanks for your help

All I have been using is lysol (non-abrasize and bleach free) and a scotch-brite pad, so I am surprised to be wearing away the gloss!

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Are you sure that you have a cast iron sink? Acrylic sinks look similar, and American Standard's Americast also looks similer. They are NOT the same.

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I have found Bar Keepers Friend works great on my Porcelain sink. I have a 15 year old Kohler sink and Bar Keepers Friend removes scratches and food stains much better than softscrub. I have read that procelain sinks can be waxed. Havent tried that yet.

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It is definitely porcelain on cast iron. I know because I bought and installed it myself. I added the link to then sink. I have never seen barkeepers friend here in Atlantic Canada.... I will have look around

Here is a link that might be useful: sink

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Hmmmm....never heard of that maker..only a 5 year warranty. (Kohler is a lifetime) I do hope it holds up for you, but I'd bet it's Chinese in origin. It has all of the hallmarks. That, coupled with your report of it already wearing down doesn't bode that well.

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I love that sink. I almost bought it myself, but I was afraid to veer off of the Kohler reservation. Did you buy it from Signature Hardware? If so, give them a call. I have found them to be pretty good with service issues.

Back to your problem: at this point, why not try waxing the sink? Can't hurt.

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I talked to signature hardware and they said that often times people think they are wearing off the glossy surface but it is just soap scum. They recommended soaking it with hotwater and vinegar. At first I thought it didn't work but if I rubbed really hard with my finger afterward it seems to rub something off the bottom (hopefully that wasn't skin off my finger instead)!

I will continue to investigate

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Marcolo, Any recommendations on a product to wax it?

I found some barkeepers friend at a local store, but they only sell the powder, not the cream. If I try it I will likely rub very lightly so as to not cause any damage (if it is infact soap scum and not finish damage).

Signature hardware has a 5 years warrenty on the finnish if I could only find my receipt! I know it didn't come in the crate so it would be in my work email acount.... no luck finding it yet!

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There is a post on about cleaning Kohler cast iron sinks. Opinion about Barkeepers Friend is very strongly both for and against. There's some weird cleaner called ROG that Pam says works well. You might want to Google it and check it out.

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I checked the Kohler website and they have a wide array of products that they recommend including barkeepers friend. Apparently Kohler makes a cast iron cleaner that also removes pot marks.

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