Why does my spa water look gray?

marta_pJune 5, 2012

Ever since we started our pool last month our spa water has looked gray when the pool heater is on. It's very strange as when the heater is off, the water is as clear as ever. I asked our service company about it and they had no ideas. Just to be clear - it's the SPA water that turns gray when the POOL heater is turned on. They use the same equipment, so that may not be a big distinction? Thanks in advance for any help, it's driving me crazy b/c I really don't want to hop into gray water! Marta

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Hey marta_p good to see you online again.

You know, my finish is 60 percent plaster and 40 percent mixed marble dark.

When my hot tub is on... bubbles, it looks grayish.

Is it only when the heater is on? Or just the jets ?

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thanks goyom! I'll have to check. I've only noticed it when the pool heater is on (and not the spa heater or jets) but we really haven't run it often so will try that tonight and see what it looks like. Very odd.

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Hi again, it appears that there are a ton of tiny bubbles in the spa when the POOL heat is on. Does anyone have any idea why there would be so many tiny bubbles in the spa when it isn't "on"? Just to be clear, they aren't bubbles created by a jet. Thanks, Marta

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