protecting joists and beams with Bituthene

rocketdoctorSeptember 30, 2009

a contract friend recommends I cover all my joists and beams of my deck (which is PTW) with a Bituthene type flashing. he says this will prevent any chance over moisture getting in cracks between joints and causing rot. Im imagining its another $100 of material which is nothing compared to the total cost and labor I put into it.

does anybody see any issues with doing this, one concern is it could trap harmless moisture that my PTW would absorb and allow to slowly dry and instead my decking would be subjected to this, is that a ridiculous thought?

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Do to the low quality of mcq pt wood its a good idea to use something on top of the pt lumber in high exposure areas even if you use ground contact mcq.

Using the rubber flashin is a risk for the reasons you have mentioned. Google up>> Copper Naphthenate This product has a very very long record, why we dont get lumber treated with it you are going to have to take up with the green Mafia. Its only going to get worst with the left wing pres in power so buy it while you can.


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