Mini-pool build

theballsJune 11, 2012

Hi all,

We wanted a miniature pool, so I built one. We have a two year old little boy and are expecting another little boy in about 5 weeks. We wanted something that they can safely stand in and play in. For the past few years, we have had an Intex pool, and the depth was great for little kids (water about 24" deep), but they left something to be desired in the aesthetic department, plus Bella, our golden/lab mix, couldn't keep an eye on us, nor was she really able to get in.

So this is our 5-year pool. 9' diameter, water is about 26" deep, roughly 1000 gallons, it is a Behlen Country stock tank. I plumbed it and am running a Pentair Dynamo pump and Hayward 14" sand filter. Both are overkill, but the little filters just can't get it done, plus this is a non-flooded application so I needed a self priming pump.

$379 for the tank

$150 concrete and plumbing supplies

$150 Hayward filter

$250ish Pentair pump

I plan to add a spa heater in September/October. We aren't looking for 100 degrees, just want to get it up into the 85-90ish range for some fall and spring swimming. There is a nice little Balboa unit for $350 that is complete with digital controls.

So here it is. No diving, please!

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I LOVVVVE this! Great job, Dad! Certainly something to be said for good old fashioned ingenuity.

Happy Father's Day. You deserve some kind of award for your efforts on behalf of your boys.

And ya made me smile on this rainy, humid Michigan day. You're ten kinds of awesome. :-)

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That's fantastic. Great job! I'm sure everybody will enjoy!

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I am impressed.


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Thank you all for the kind compliments. This was a fun, and relatively inexpensive project, and should serve us well until we are ready for our custom gunite pool! This forum is my favorite, I love everyone's beautiful pools.

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