quiltnhenJanuary 27, 2013

I thought last night that I'd finished quilting the star quilt. This morning I looked at some of the pictures I originally used for inspiration and realized that none of the quilts left as many unquilted areas.

This one will be washed before I give it. First to removed the marker and secondly to close any small needle holes where I ripped stitching. I also used spray baste (which I absolutely love!) and think it would be best to wash it out.

That said it will have the post washed look, not the pristine new look. I still don't know if the blank areas will look bad or not.

Any opinions? Starting over in not an option ;-) The turquoise looking lines are just marker.

The smaller close up of the back is a better view of where the spaces are.

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Can't you just go in and fill the unquilted spaces? I would think they would puff up too much if left alone. I'd make the quilting density the same all over.

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I agree. Keep the density similar. If it's a big, open quilting pattern, then it works to have lots of open spaces, but with these nice feathers, I think it would look more balanced to fill it in some more.

Really nice job on the feathers, by the way!!! It's a pattern I cannot seem to master so I'm always impressed when I see them done so well,


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That is beautiful and you did a wonderful job! Are the dark blue areas quilted? I can sort of see they might be quilted like the blue floral adjacent to the dark blue? If there is quilting on the blue floral border, then I think you have sufficient quilting - just my opinion. I do not care for heavy quilting usually, but if you plan to enter this in shows, you might want to add some more quilting. Those judges like a quilt to be quilted within an inch of it's life - make that a quarter inch!


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littlehelen_gw's beautiful! I can't tell if the dark blue is quilted either, but the quilting I can see is really well done...just lovely.

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Beautiful quilting!!!
My opinion:
I think you do need to fill in the blank spaces next to the feathers, keeping the density of the quilting equal. You may want to simply echo the feathers in the white space where you are able, extra echo quilting on the humps you are able to. The goal being to fill in, but keeping it simple and open like the rest of the feathers.
What is not quilted is what will pop or stand out after it is washed.
Please repost a picture after it is washed. I can't wait to see the final quilt, even if you leave it as is. Thanks!

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I recognise that block as "Carpenter's Wheel", one I particularly love and finally finished last month because it's been on my bucket list for a long time. I am new to FMQ and struggled too with how to quilt mine on machine and settled for a meander and just thrilled to have carried that one off. Of course your quilting puts mine to shame. It's just beautifully done and I'm reserving comment to see what some of the more experienced quilters recommend. The actually quilting part of a quilt usually perplexes me, and hoping I'll get more of a feel for it and how to use beautiful designs like you have.

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Awesome quilting! Was the fabric washed before using? If so, then yes, I think you'll want to fill in the puffy places a little bit. But, I'm far from being an expert.


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Thanks everyone for the suggestions and the compliments. I've been almost two days without internet and going nuts! ;-)

I went and bought MORE thread! Can't believe how much I've used already. Have to learn another skill to finish, but I'm game, just hoping I don't have to deal with any puckers now.

I'd already signed up for a machine quilting class and went back to the store yesterday and looked at her samples. She echo quilted around her feathers and then did a small fill stitch of little kinda, c shapes. It looks good. Thought I'd practice a bit and if I can't figure it out the class is in two weeks and I'll just have to wait.

Again, thanks for all the help. This group is great!

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