Need new pool PUMP help please

echoooooJune 30, 2012

I don' t mind spending the money for a good pool pump but don't want to get ripped off either. Considering a Hayward ecostar variable speed pump. Does anyone have any comments about which pump I should get. I have a 13,000 gallon salt water pool in Orlando. Thank you.

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If this is an existing pool, I would ask why you are getting a new pump instead of a new motor and seal set or just downsizing by adding a smaller impeller and if needed, diffuser.

Kilowatt costs play a significant role here. The lower the power costs, the less attractive a variable speed is in terms of recouping the added costs.

A 13,000 gallon pool doesn't need more than a 3/4 HP single speed unless there is an attached spa in most cases.

Single speed and dual speed motors withstand power hits better than variable speed pumps. Being in Florida, this can be very relevant, especially with the ground strikes lightning can bring. Bear in mind though, nothing stops a lightning strike that is nearby.

I have never been big on any Hayward products, in general. With the variable speed pumps, Hayward's, being based on the TriStar design, still have more parts than most. This makes them more of a pain to work on than Pentair's and Jandy's.


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We have had to get a new pump motor every 1-2 years so looking to cut costs. Yes, we do have a spill over spa attached to the pool. It seems we are replacing the motor/seals every 1-2 years at $300-$400 a pop. It is getting very pricey. I love my pool.

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