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DerleneJanuary 20, 2011

I'm new at quilting and nearly finish with my first quilt, it's a Trip Around the World quilt, what I would like to know is what is the easiest way to quilt it, stitch in the ditch or what, and if so would I stitch all the seams?

At this time I wouldn't dare trying to free-hand quilting.

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I made a small Trip Around the World (30" square) a couple of years ago, and I quilted diagonally through the squares. I really like it a lot!


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Donna, like I said I'm somewhat dumb at this but I need to ask, did you just go diagonally one way?

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You could go diagonally all in one direction, diagonally in both directions, or even follow the colored pattern and quilt in 'diamonds' around each ring of squares. It's really up to you.

I would suggest that one of these with sewing from one corner to another easier than trying to stitch in the ditch. And depending on the size of your quilt squares, you might not need to quilt through all squares, you might be able to skip a row or two.

diagonally in both directions:

[Tried to find more examples but have run out of time. Google Images "Trip Around the World" and you'll see more]

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I agree that stitching through the squares on the diagonal is the easiest way to quilt this quilt. Here is my method, others might have a different way of doing the same thing:

~ you want to have some way of keeping your lines straight, either a measure rod that attaches to your walking foot (also called even feed foot - which you need to feed both the top and the bottom evenly while sewing so you don't end up with major puckers on the back)

or.....you can mark the top of your quilt with pieces of blue painters' tape laid on the quilt through the center of the squares on the diagonal and moved as needed

~ be sure to pin your quilt sandwich all over (about a hand's width between safety pins) before you mark with the tape or start to sew

~ I first sew a big cross starting from the middle and going out to each edge in all four directions - this is to help anchor the quilt sandwich and can be done in the ditch of your piecing seams

*** you always want to sew from the center of the quilt to the outer edges so any bulk on the back will migrate out to the edges and not cause puckers

~ next, I start from the center and sew diagonally down to the right lower corner, sewing in the middle of the squares; then return to the center and sew diagonally in the opposite direction to the upper left corner

~ leave a tail of thread when you start and these tails can be knotted and pulled through the quilt and popped through the top to bury the thread in the middle

~ continue to sew diagonally starting in the center and sewing to the edges, then do the same method sewing diagonally in the other direction until the entire quilt is quilted.

Hope this helps,

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Derlene, I did diagonals both ways. The squares in the quilt are 1", so I only stitched through every other square. Here's a picture of it:

Every other "round" is blue and I stitched through the blue squares.


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I like the diagonal stitching - it make another dimension to the quilt.

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Donna, I really like your quilt, my squares are 2" so I guess I should sew through every square?
Thanks everyone for the quick responses, I think I'm really going to like this forum, you girls are great!

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Teresa, Your post would be nice for the FAQ section.

Nice quilt, Donna.


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I really like it too!!!!
If you look at the bottom at the whites squares you can see the continuous line quilting. It starts with a smiley face on the top, then a smiley facing left on the side, and then a smiley facing right on the other side of the next block, you are quilting the top and 2 sides. When you reach the end turn the quilt and the bottom is a smiley facing left (or half moons lol)!! I am just learning machine quilting and I was able to to this with my walking foot. To mark it all I did was place a dot in the center of the curve. I was tired of stitch in the ditch but not really good enough for FMQ.

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