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nicole425March 5, 2013

Building a new home with an open floor plan, and I want to make sure the kitchen is a functional as possible. Dimensions are 15 x 16 with a kitchenette off to the left of refrigerator, dimensions are 8 x 15. Living room is behind island seating. Not sure if I am going to like this layout, thinking about moving the stove where the sink is, the sink to the island and the refrigerator to where the stove is. Thoughts and or suggestions???

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Is that a mw drawer?

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Yes, however, I am not set on that or the placement either

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Your instincts are right. Swapping sink and range creates a nice efficient prep and cook zone. And keeps the cleanup stuff out of the way. The only traffic issues to consider are whether people will be crossing past the stove to get glasses or dishes for their snacks. Will that be an issue for you?

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I can see the benefit of swapping the sink and the range. Then I'd also consider putting the prep sink down at the other corner of the island near the frig. I like the frig placement especially with marcolo's suggested changes.

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Thank you for your feedback! I think I made up my mind to swap the range and sink, and move the prep sink closer to the frig... My next issue is figuring out what to do in the kitchenette area which adds another 8' beyond the frig... Do I continue the cabinets or just leave the space open for the kitchen table?

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I'm glad you decided to swap range and sink and put the prep sink towards the fridge end of the island. This way the long side of the island will be facing the range and gives you lots of prep space, and the cleanup zone will be nicely separated from the prep zone. I have a layout very similar to this and it works quite well.

With regards to extending the cabinetry into the kitchen table/breakfast area, that all depends on the layout - overall dimensions, placement of doors and windows, etc. If you have the space I might consider some hutchlike cabinetry - uppers down to the counter, glass or mirrored doors on top, etc. I'm not sure I would attach it to the kitchen cabinetry and would instead make it a separate built-in or freestanding piece. But again, it all depends on what you have to work with. Can you post the layout of that area and/or the whole house layout?

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Here is the house layout, sorry its not the best quality. The kitchen island I want will be rectangular and fits square in the L. The kitchen area is 15 x 16, however the short wall in the layout measures 12'. The kitchenette area is 8 x 15

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