Starting a small patio walkway

mazeladySeptember 29, 2013

I'm adding a small paver stone walkway 3 feet x 8 feet to the back door entrance to my garage. Today I dug out the area since it just finished raining and the ground is soft. I think I dug it a little too deep though (10 inches)

But it is now full of water from another shower. A few questions about the next steps:

Does the bottom need to be very flat and level before I add the gravel or can it be somewhat uneven since it is deeper than necessary? Do I have to compact the soil before I add the gravel? Does the soil need to be completely dry before compacting?

Also, there is a 3 inch pipe that runs the length of the walkway and it's about 6" deep (water line). Should I avoid putting paver stone over it?

Thanks for your help!


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I would have skimmed off the top of the ground about 2 inches, added an inch of sand, then laid the pavers. 10 inches seems awfully deep.....not sure how a hole that deep is going to drain properly?

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