Clubhouse materials...ipe? Really?

youngdebSeptember 28, 2010

So we won a custom design for a treehouse/playhouse at a charity auction last year. The architect designed this really cool 2-story playhouse for us, but he called for cladding the thing in ipe 2 x 2's, which is going to cost $4,000 in materials alone. (That's just for the cladding, doesn't include the structure, the footings, the crazy door hardware, etc. Do I sound frustrated?) Reminder, this is for a PLAYHOUSE.

So I'm calling around to see what our alternatives might be, and thought some of you might have ideas. He has this in 2x2x9 (which is a unicorn item carried by NOBODY.) So we'll obviously bring it down to 2x2x8. Then the question becomes...what can we use that isn't ipe that won't bow at an 8' length?

I swear, I'm about to clad the thing in plywood and call it a day.

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Clad it in plywood and call it a day.


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The bowing will have more to do with the span left unsupported than the total length. Even an ipe 2x2 can't (or at least shouldn't) go 8' unsupported. What's the longest span between studs?

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He has them unsupported the full 8' length. And I can't believe I didn't think of that. Of course they won't stay straight like that, my kid could probably hang on them and splinter them. RIght?

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Your kid can do chin ups all day long, no problem. The issue with Ipe is movement with the seasons.

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