Showplace cabinets

sdlacrowMarch 24, 2008

Does anyone have any experience with Showplace cabinets? This is the brand our kitchen designer is steering us toward. They also carry Omega/Dynasty cabinets. I am not sure what the price difference is between the two. We want a simple look--shaker style cabinets which is easy to find in almost any cabinet line. If anyone has good/bad experiences with either brand, your input would be appreciated.

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My KD steered me toward them also. They're on order so I don't yet have any experience. I hear that they are very good quality. The website is also easy to use & informative.

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I am probably going to go with this brand as it offered the best quality/price combination. I priced out this line along with Brookhaven and Omega (the semi-custom line) and the Showplace was about $5,000 less (all had similar flat panel door styles & finish options). Of course, that can vary depending on the markup charged by your retailer. One nice thing about Showplace is that glazing is free, if that is something that interests you.

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I'm a kitchen designer and thinking of adding this line. When you get your kitchens in, please email me about your cabinets.

Also, did any of you compare them against KraftMaid, Medallion or Holiday? I would like to know what you thought of this brand in comparison.

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We used Showplace. (They did price out a little less than Holiday-we didn't price out Kraftmaid or Medallion.) The cabinets are cherry with a truffle finish. We're happy with the product though our bathroom vanities are taking longer than they told they would. I'll try and post some pictures of our in progress kitchen. ~Jenna

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I just ordered my cabinets and they should be coming in the next 5 weeks or so. I'll post some pics when they are in. Main reason I selected them was the cost compared to Omega/Brookhaven/Dura Supreme etc. - several thousand less for the same features (plywood boxes, dovetailed drawers, blumotion, solid fronts etc). Hope they are as nice as they looked in the showroom.

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I've had mine for 4 1/2 years now. No problems whatsoever.

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Jenna J - Any updated pictures of your kitchen? I am also getting Showplace Cherry with truffle stain, and would love to see what else you've. (Knobs/pullls, sink, countertop, backsplash, etc.) Thanks!

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I would also like to hear more feedback on these cabinets. We are 95% sure we are going to add them to our line. I'm a KD. How was the quality control? Packaging? Finish? I also sell KraftMaid, Medallion and Holiday. Showplace priced out less than KM (in one kitchen comparison, so far). I haven't priced out anymore jobs with Showplace, but will soon. I will probably have to drop one of the other lines eventually. I don't want too many in the same price level. Will probably have to be Holiday.

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Kompy - I can tell you that in terms of my kitchen planning, Showplace cabinet line has provided quite a bit of flexibility in accomplishing what I wanted. I am very impressed with what they have to offer, and the finishes are beautiful. Free glazing to boot! My cousin put a Showplace kitchen in her home last December and it is beautiful. She price-compared to HomeDepot cabinets, and found that Showplace had better quality and more options for the same price. She recommended them to me and so far so good. They will be installed July 7th, and then I'll let you know what I think of their finished product.

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Kompy, I had mine installed about 1 month ago and kitchen is now 95% done. So far the Showplace cabs look great. I don't have any complaints on quality or finish. Everything came on a truck from SD in big cardboard boxes. I think I heard a fellow GW'r complain about a lack of bubble wrap type packaging (on another cab co) but I can't say that it bothered me.

About my only complaint is that I can't contact the company directly. I'm having a cold war with my KD and would like to get touch up and stain stuff directly from Showplace when she's being difficult.

I can't compare it to any of the lines you mentioned, sorry. HTH.

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I don't have my cabinets yet, but they are in at the warehouse (we'll pick up when our contractor is ready) and it only took about 4 weeks from ordering to shipping. I compared Showplace to other semi-custom lines and they were significantly cheaper (as I mentioned above). The free glazing was a plus as well. Also, I chose Maple but if you want cherry their upcharge for that was much less than the others I looked at (about 5%). We have an old, unsquare house, and these proved flexible enough for us.
Can't speak to a comparison w/ Kraftmaid or other big box store brands as I didn't check those out.

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Thanks for your comments. I am excited about the line. My rep has high standards for what he reps (ie Plain & Fancy), so I am sure that we will love SP. In looking through the spec book, they have a lot of options. And the free glazing is brilliant. I'll post back later after I've had the line for awhile.

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We completely remodeled our kitchen this year and purchased $18,000+ of Showplace cabinets at the beginning of March, 2008. Worst decision I have made this year.

We put down a 60% deposit and were told the cabinets would arrive in 5-6 weeks. They arrived more than 10 weeks later at the beginning of June. We did not receive our full order and what we received had numerous problems.

Of what we did receive, 90% of the doors and drawer faces had flaws that required replacement. The flaws included: chip outs at the panel joins, door insert panels had the wrong side facing forwards, glue rag marks, inconsistent and poorly sanded drawer panel ends, and staining flaws. Three of the cabinets were the wrong size and had to be reordered.

We were told the replacement order would be expedited due to the already lengthy delays we had experienced. Not true.

After another 8 weeks we received the replacement cabinets but had to wait another few weeks for the door and drawer faces (due to the significant number of flaws they had to have a special meeting which dragged the process out even longer). When they did arrive about 30% of the replacements had flaws that required they also be replaced. The dealer and Showplace's manufacturer's rep assured me they would be replaced. It is now the middle of October and our kitchen is still not finished. The dealer hasn't returned calls for 4 weeks. The manufacturer's rep on the other hand has returned calls and is looking into the situation.

Other than the poor delivery time, slow customer service, and poor quality finishing, I would also add that the cabinets do not have the build quality I expected or was led to believe that I would receive. On the plus side, the design is very nice, the frontal appearance is very good, and drawer construction is very solid. On the negative, the cabinet walls are only 3/8" plywood construction and the backs are at best an 1/8". The cabinets are poorly braced and my cabinet installer had to rebuild the oven cabinet so it would support our built-in oven. The thin wall construction means that the cabinets 'rack' easily making it very difficult for my cabinet installer to true them up during installation. But you will not find the cabinet wall thickness mentioned in any of Showplace's marketing materials. I sifted through their website and .pdf materials but cabinet wall thickness is artfully omitted.

In my opinion these cabinets look good but are not built to last. I have since learned that I could have had custom cabinets built with much higher quality for equivalent dollars. And if I had, my kitchen would be complete by now. My dealer told us we could expect our cabinet install to take 3-6 weeks from the time the cabinets arrived. It is now 5 months and it is still not done.

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We purchased Showplace Cabinets last year....bad choice. Product, installation, and service from dealer and company have been poor.

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any others with recent showplace cabinets info?

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I'm a dealer. I prefer to avoid commenting on this board about brands I sell beyond technical details. Because of some of what is written here I'm going to break that rule so take this with a grain of salt if you will. I'm not trying to promote anything (I don't do business from here as many of you know) just to set the record straight.
My apologies if this bothers anyone. Not likely to occur again.

I've been selling them for about two years. It is my least expensive line, I am picky. I'm a small company and rely almost entirely on referrals for my work. I can't afford a brand with problems, had to drop two in the last three years. I've had very few problems with SWP (listed below). If I had the kind of issues some folks mention they would be gone.
I have used them often for secondary rooms in hi end homes and otherwise as for more mainstream kitchens. I did do one hi end home entirely with it.
FWIW I put them in my father's house and one of my own baths.

Had to have one inset door replaced for fit- it arrived in two weeks from order.
I had one bath with color issues- sent in the sample chip of the color we expected, noted the issues. Had a replacement in 10 days. I couldn't ask for more than that.

On the plus side:
-They arrive like clockwork, consistently- whoever had trouble with delivery was likely a dealer problem.
-The customer support has been an a par with my hi end brands.
-Fit and finish has been consistently good, better than average for the price. They've been square and solid, I've had several installers rave, none of whom work for me. One said they go in like butter, another who installs mostly Kraftmaid went on about how straight and square they are in comparison..
--Matte or Satin finish available across the line at no charge.
-Match any paint color though SW is the most reasonable.
-Several nicer than the price specialty finishes.
-Wide selection of colors, styles, wood species and glazes are free (don't like the glazes on paint but love the brushed vintage finishes there which aren't free
-KCMA ESP certified

The line is very flexible allowing great design freedom (makes me happy anyway).

-The backs are thinner than I'd like but the hanging rails (solidly installed 5/8 ply) make up for that.
-I don't like the shelf clips- at all. I swap them out on every job. Plan on it.
-You can get a matching veneer interior but you can't get a standard maple or birch interior.
-As mentioned I'm not crazy about the glaze on paint but love the brushed vintage finish.

is pocket hole frames with struts dadoed front to back (same as Medallion, Kraftmaid, others)
3/8 plywood sides (hardly unusual at the price but see upgrades below), melamine interior, blum glides, dovetail drawers, particle board shelves.
The inset line comes with full subtops standard, something that is an upcharge in my next more expensive line. The tolerance on the insets has been very good. (see below)

Upgrades- 1/2" sides and plywood shelves are each inexpensive upgrades, as are soft close drawers. Flush finished sides when specked are 5/8"

Any dealer can and should give you specs. I make sure people know them and hand out the spec sheet as needed. I keep two mini bases on hand so folks can see the construction and decide for themselves.

I have been so pleased with the company it bothers me to see them get a bad rap. I have yet to meet a dealer who has been thrilled with them. They may be out there, just not my experience.
My other 3 brands are all full custom.
Again, my apologies if anyone is offended.

Edited this to add what I often say- who you get your cabinets from is likely more important than any particular brand.

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Jakuvall, cannot thank you enough for this amazingly thorough summary of Showplace cabinetry! Good info as we have narrowed down to Showplace or New River (a part of CWP).

Now, between those, Showplace and New River---is there much difference in quality? I have researched the main differences that show up on the company websites as to box construction, etc but am now more concerned about aesthetics. We are looking to put these in the kitchen of approx $500,000. suburban home---I just want to keep in a quality line that will work for us but also for resale. Thanks so much for any input! Gardenweb is a great resource in a confusing remodel world!

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diab123- either one will be better than a typical contractor would put in a new build. Either can be made to look great. If these are from different dealers which one will take better care of you?

New River/Embassy House upside
-standard- 1/2" sides
-veneer interior
-doweled frame construction also with struts
-1/4" back (and the shelf clips are good :)

-Chinese plywood
-Chinese drawer glides
-inset does not have a full subtop
-insets have large radius on edges making exposed hinges unavailable.
-Finished sides are a sheet of 1/4" ply tacked on
-Finish is a bit glossy for my taste, others will prefer it
-Specialty finishes are not as nice IMO
-No ESP certification

To compare pricing add to SWP -
for 1/2" ends about $9.30 wall cab, $18 base.
Ply shelves Per shelf- walls $13, base $27.
New River will still have better backs and veneer interior, SWP will have better drawer glides and finished ends.

I only add half inch sides on 27" and over unless client really wants it. I don't bother with ply shelves except walls 36 and over and even then rarely. Did neither in dad's house.
New River/Embassy House will typically cost more.

To an extent it comes down to what's important to you, and as always who you are dealing with. Can't, in good conscience, get into more than that.

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