staining ipe today -- not going well!

weluvnikSeptember 11, 2010

Hi everyone -- after a year of research and tons of help from this forum, my husband and I are now staining our ipe porch. We had several stains and water marks, and opted to sand the entire porch to clean it up prior to staining. I told him that you guys suggested 50 or 60 grit, he opted to use 100 grit. I don't think the sanding did anything! We still have water marks, and rough spots. Should we resand with a lower grit or do we need to use a chemical prep? Also, he is concerned that we will get water marks again, even after staining. Is that possible, or will the stain prevent that?

Thanks so much!

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One more note... we rented a vibrating floor sander since our porch is so huge. Is that ok? I read somewhere on here to use that with large areas.

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ouch - sorry to hear that. the pros on this board are very consistent with their recommendation of sanding grit. Ipe is so darn hard 100 grit does not do much. The larger machine will work, but you need the larger grit. Personally I would try a small area first before stripping the stain. What type of stain did you use?

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YEP....100-grit is barely gonna touch hard stuff like IPE!

Even on softer woods like Redwood (MY deck!), all that 100-grit does is POLISH the wood....which LESSENS the amount of stain that can absorb!

For IPE, 80-grit max...preferably 60-grit.

Water-marks...almost impossible to avoid entirely! To some degree, they just have to be lived with.
This IS wood outside ya know!
No matter HOW good the prep and stain, decks and stains WEAR, and sometimes not the way we'd like-'em to!


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