How much Borax to add?

kathymehnertJune 16, 2007

We have a 33000 gal pool and have been fighting the chlorine and ph balance. The pool was clear until we added the soda ash, but think vacuuming it will do the trick. The ph is at 7.2 and .5 for chlorine. What now? Our Acid is rising. Want to add Borax, but don't know how much. Then, what do we do about the chlorine? We have super shock. When do we add it? Should it be at night? Household Bleach into the skimmer? Appreciate any help.

Thanks in Medina, Ohio......

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There is a web site at that has forums specific to each area of water care. You will need to have some basic info available before the group can help.
What is the PH and chlorine (you listed those), what is the CYA level (stabilizer), Alk, and Cal. It sounds like a gunite pool (from size). Do you have a SWG?
Basically your Ph is pretty good (7.4 to 7.6 is perfect) but your chlorine is low. Chlorine level depends on the level of CYA. CYA stablizes chlorine so it is not quickly broken down by sunlight. Chlorine levels of 3 to 5ppm are common. The level of Alk is what contols how fast/easy the PH changes. it should be around 80 to 120ppm.

You can use regular unscented bleach. Pour it around the edge of the pool. Don't add it to the skimmer as strong bleach can harm the plastic in the skimmer.
Finally, in a 33000 gal pool, 26oz of Borax will raise Ph 0.2.

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Thanks soooooooooooo much............will add info about all pool levels.........thanks, again :) Kathy

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Hello again,
Here are the latest readings....
ph 7.4
TA 240
Calcim H 375
CYA 35
TDS 1100
33 K gallons
Inground/vinyl liner
Sand filter

With my morning readings
PH 7.4
Acid demand : low
TAC 300
What is going on? Could the store readings (they use chemicals) be off on the Calcium and CYA?
Why is my acid demand low and TAC so ^*&%*&^% high?
Thinking about adding acid, daily, but what if CYA is off?
Help..........(~.~) Thanks

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