Intellichlor -need to add salt. How do I turn off...

banana_fannaJune 28, 2012

the unit.

It says in the manual to turn off the intellichlor (ic40) before adding salt to pool.

Can't find an on/off switch on the unit, nor any details in the manual on where I might find this elusive switch.


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Nevermind. Got it direct from Pentair.

In case anyone else ever needs to know, you have to follow the power cord to the bottom of the power box and disconnect by unscrewing the handscrew that holds the cord on. No tools needed. It was simple.

There IS NO on/off switch.

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All you have to do if you don't have automation is to hit the less button until there are no percentage lights on. After 24hrs turn it back on by hitting the more button..

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Make sure you turn off the breakers when you hookup the cell cord or you could damage the cell....

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