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vicky4x4January 30, 2011

I know it's still Sunday but this question is for tomorrow.

Is there any quilt patterns you just can't stand?

Every time I see a Bargello Quilt I cringe...

I also very much dislike the Day and Night pattern.

So fess up what quilt block/pattern don't you like.


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I'm with you on the bargello, Vicky - I'll add my ~shudder~ to your cringe! LOL!

The stack and whack makes me (mentally) roll my eyes and mutter...."oh, please".... same for the One Block Wonder, but I maintain a neutral face because my dear friends love them.


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Sunbonnet Sue!
Can't stand her or that little friend of hers, either.
Sorry, Sue-lovers, I know she has lots of fans but she has the same effect on me as nails on a chalkboard.


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It's not so much a particular pattern I don't care for but more often than not it's the fabric selection and the workman ship that can be way off.

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I'm with Kate, can't stand the Sun Kids. And, in general, not fond of any of the 30's reproduction fabrics, either.
I like bargello in some colors, but others just scream at me.

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I really don't care for 'artsy' quilts. I pass right by them at quilt shows. There are patterns that I never want to do, but I can admire them when others do.


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Nope! None! I like them all. There are some I don't plan on making myself - ever - but it's not because I don't like the look of them.

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I am pretty open minded as to patterns but fabric is another story. What some fabrics to to a prefectly good pattern really turns me off. Colors choices have a simular effect if they aren't used well. There are patterns that I would never use but after all there is only so many days in a lifetime. Jayne

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There aren't any patterns that really turn me off. There are some that I like more than others. There are some fabrics that I don't care for at all. I don't like oriental fabrics and the cheddar color that was in antique quilts.
Linda OH

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I agree, it is not so much the pattern but the colors that make me cringe. but have to admit, some patterns are easier than others for me to understand. I like a quilt with fewer rather than many many colors in it. However, I need to get over that, since my scraps bins are starting to overflow!!
I do appreciate the work that goes into a scrappy quilt with 100's if not thousands of pieces.

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I really like the look of the Log Cabin pattern, but sewing one gives me tremors. Up and down, align, sew, press, up and down. Makes me crazy.

I'm not a big fan of art quilts either, especially contemporary ones. My unsophisticated eye likes order and patterns.

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I'm with Kate on Sunbonnet Sue, can't stand it, sorry. I also dislike any block that portrays a building. (Farmhouses, cabins, barns, etc.) Don't like appliques depicting animals unless it's for a child. Also don't care for the expensive licensed prints for children, although I know they like them and if one of my grandchildren REALLY wanted one I'd make if for them. There are some art quilts I don't like but some I do. I like landscape quilts.

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I've never thought about not liking a pattern, I just pass over many that don't appeal to me. Some artsy quilts I love, others turn me off. Material and colour choice certainly does influence how I feel about a quilt and a pattern. Having lived in Japan, I love Japanese fabrics and most of my quilts are made from material I have bought on my visits to Japan. I'm making a "Memories of Japan" wall-hanging too - a UFO - with lots of applique. Overall I think I'm influenced by the suitability of the pattern to the project I have in mind - and the time I have available to do it!

Kristene (tinyteena)

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I like most patterns. I don't favor loud, bright quilts but I've made a few of them to use up fabric........have one in the works now and it will end up being a gift for a person who likes this kind of quilt. I do steer away from patterns that have a lot of white background. I think it's because I know I'd have to fill the space with some kind of quilting design and I'm not confident with actual quilting. I prefer traditional patterns but lately I've been drawn to the modern, geometric designs. Bargellos, I admire and want to try one just to see if I can do it but not a big fan of them. Scrappy quilts are my all-time favorites.

Great QOTD Vicky.


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I don't care for modern artsy quilt patterns, when I go to quilt shows I walk pass those. Guess I prefer the more traditional looking patterns. Some of the wild - and loud looking colors in fabric turns me off as well.

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I dislike SB Sue, too...don't know why...also redwork/bluework.

For the past 5 years or so I have really disliked almost all of the new fabrics coming out. I don't like the colors or the color schemes (brown & turquoise?) and don't care for the prints, either. So...haven't bought any fabric at a LQS in a long time. Not much at JoAnn's, either.


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Vicki - good question! You've generated one w/lots of responses:)

Like many of you there aren't really patterns I dislike - just some I don't like as well as others. And Jayne you're right, NOT enough time in my lifetime! LOL
My biggest turnoff is usually the fabric choices for the pattern. So often the cover of a magazine or LQS pattern is portrayed in horrendous fabrics (IMHO) & for many people who can't picture it in anything different, they won't buy the pattern. When I owned the shop, we often made a sample of a new pattern in a completely different fabric -- & had customers tell us they had no idea the pattern was so neat! Go figure! But seeing a pattern in a whole new way is often difficult for people - especially new quilters (who buy the most patterns, duh!) I think many designers these days do themselves (& their patterns) a diservice by selecting the wrong fabrics for the pattern.

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There aren't many that I dislike!!!
I am not attracted to the artsy quilts either, the houses and tree patterns, flying geese are so so . I like some bargello quilts and I enjoyed making one, but gave it away. I tend to go with traditional.
We had company over the weekend and I could tell the 30 yo was not impressed with my quilts, I think she would have love a geometric or bargello design.

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Sunbonnet Sue and Sam

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Man, I have had trouble logging in for 2 days.

I have found that I will love a pattern with some fabrics, and hate it with others. I love hand applique, but it isn't something I really feel overwhelmed when I try to do.


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Cringes, shudders, nails-on-chalkboard, tremors, etc. - who knew quilters had such strong reactions to patterns and colors? LOL!

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I can't stand the Sunbonnet patterns....Sue, Sam, parosol girl.....really dislike all of them.
Colors and prints are another thing. Some of the quilt and fabric designers of late like to use bold colors and prints without any solid color fabrics in their quilts. To me this is a hot mess.....there is no place for my eyes to rest.
Baltimore Album quilts are very lovely but the only way I will ever get one is if I win it or someone gives me one....applique is not my friend.


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Oh, I agree about the hot mess--I'm talking to you, Kaffe. I don't like patterns that are all about a thousand long sharp triangles. They always look vicious to me--how could you relax under a quilt of knives?

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Mary - hot mess??
Petalpatsy - quilt of knives??!

Such descriptive word pictures!! :) *& by the way, I agree w/you both 100%

Yes, Teresa, who knew? we could have such strong opinions?!!? But, we women are creatures of strong opinions & emotions!!!

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My DH says he does not like patterns that are all the same - that if you look at one area or block of the quilt, you've seen the whole quilt. He is trying to push me into creating asymmetrical patterns. *Sigh* I hate to tell the man, but he just did not marry someone who thinks like that or aspires to! In my deepest of hearts, I love symmetry and have to push myself to do something that is not symmetrical. I think he would love art quilts.

I don't like patterns that have blocks with lots of pieces but never form a design when you look at it from a distance. They look jumbled. I'm trying to think of how to describe it better; I'll put on a link, and the 3rd grouping down, most of those mosaic blocks just don't appeal to me - but I have seen some quilts where the way the colors are used I do like the block. But typically if I see a quilt book full of these type of patterns, I pass it by.

Here is a link that might be useful: mosaic blocks

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I know what some of you mean about the colors and prints of a lot of the fabrics out there. For instance, although by themselves a lot of the Kaffe Fasset fabrics are beautiful, I don't care for them being overused in a quilt. I looked at a video where he was teaching a class on picking fabrics and wasn't impressed, but I guess the students loved it, they were just drooling over everything he said. There is one quilt in the new BHG quilt mag. that has so many loud, out-there fabrics that you can't see the block design. I need a place for my eyes to rest while looking at a quilt. There's also a quilt with buildings, (yuck). The rest are very nice. But when it comes to quilts for kids, I have used a lot of vivid colors and block designs that I personally wouldn't want for myself.

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Some of you wouldn't like my quilts, LOL. I like bright colors, and some of mine tend to be a little loud. Oh well. I dislike the sunbonnet sues, and also the stroll around the block quilts with those houses.

This is what I like about quilting, it is a highly personal hobby and they can be so creative and different!

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I don't like Sunbonnet Sue or Overall Sam. Those "Stroll the Block" quilts make me cringe. No house blocks for me ever!

No landscape quilts either - but this is because I will never do wall hangings. No wall hangings, no placemats, no table runners.

I really don't like bargello quilts, either, but that's because I finished so many needlepoint chair seats and pillows in bargello that I was SO DONE with bargello back in the early 90's, LOL.

I love the look of Log Cabin blocks, but I really hate sewing them.

I can admire applique - but I'll probably never do it, and positively never by hand!

My quilts are bright, they are loud, and I use mostly tone on tone fabrics mixed with either white or black. I like most traditional block patterns, but I need both color and contrast in them.

And Kaffe Fasset fabrics are hideous!, LOL.

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When I was a young woman, a typical scrap quilt in a traditional pattern would give me a migraine. Now I love them, so I suppose tastes definitely change through life experiences.

I'm not crazy about art quilts, but some are exquisite. I know I'll never do one. Ditto bargellos. I like redwork, but used to hate it. I do not like most modern fabric designs, either. I sort of gag on 'cutesy' country themes too......because it reminds me of the craze of the early eighties. You couldn't escape it and when you had to write 'country' on a cannister set, uhm.........you are trying too hard. Real country or rustic, now I like that.

I think it is pretty much a fabric choice thing with me, however. If the fabrics strike me pleasing..........the combinations.........I would probably like it.

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