Those of you with marble backsplashes ...

harriethomeownerMarch 2, 2009

I keep hearing that one should NOT use marble as a backsplash because it will stain and so on. However, I see many of you are using it both on the splash, as a countertop, and and on the floor. What is your experience? What's the maintenance like if you are, say, a moderately busy cook?

TIA ...

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I have honed carrera on my perimeters (surrounding my range) and as a backsplash. You're going to hear here that the etching is the bigger issue than staining...and I agree. Nothing has stained my marble yet, including coffee that sits on it for days (when I'm less than diligent with cleaning around the coffee maker). Plus, there are recipes for poultices that people here have used successfully on stained marble. As for the etching, honed marble will show it far less than polished marble. But I'm of the opinion that you should probably want your marble to develop a "patina" over time, reflecting use!

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I'm a very busy a slobby one at that. I have a honed white marble backsplash that has taken quite a few splatters, particuarly tomato sauce. We sealed it when it was installed, and we don't have a single stain on it.

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I have a marble backsplash (ming green) and I am a messy cook. I have only had it 6 months, but in that short amount of time I've had no staining. I meant to seal but just never got it done.


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Interesting. One guy we had in here giving an estimate said marble or stone for backsplash, nope, no way.

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Well, my contractor thought I was nuts for doing the marble. I originally wanted wood for the island and he and DH talked me out of that, which I sometimes regret. I NEVER regret sticking to my guns on the marble. It's one of the things I love most about my kitchen.

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I've had both marble and limestone as a backsplash with no problem at all ( and I have a 10 year old who loves to cook and is really messy). My wood counter in a former house was more maintenance then the marble backsplash. I say go for it!

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We also have marble for our backsplash and countertops and they are an absolute breeze! I'd do it again in a NY minute. Ours are honed and sealed, and all I use is a damp sponge with some dishsoap to clean them. As mom1993 wrote, our butcherblock counter requires more maintenance than the marble. Go figure.

We are exuberant cooks, with splatters everywhere. Not a single stain, no etching visible to my (eagle) eye ....

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We're getting marble on our island, so I'm glad to hear the positive comments.

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Love my honed and sealed marble mosaic backsplash! Yes,I was warned to avoid it by the contractor, ID and others because of potential staining and etching issues. However, like others, I fought against those discouragements and instead took strong encouragement from the wise and experienced folk on this forum -- especially Alku05. (Big thanks, Alku05!!). Although I'm still very much at the newbie stage with my kitchen, I've got no regrets with my backsplash and think it's one of the nicest features of the room. BTW, now the contractor and ID are quite proud of it as well. :)

Good luck!

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So here's another question about marble: what is the best way to finish it around the edges -- around windows and so on? Say we chose the 6 x 3 subways used in Smiling Judy's beautiful chocolate and white kitchen and wanted to wrap slightly into the window frames; would this be difficult? This is the window behind our sink:

We want to remove the molding that is around the window, tile up to the bottom of the cabinets, and just finish off the window frame around the top without any molding. I was thinking this would be easier with small tiles. But perhaps we could find some that match or coordinate well with the subways.

(This probably belongs on my "basic backsplash questions" thread instead, but I'm hoping there are some marble mavens reading this.)

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We just finished our marble backsplash and I couldn't be happier.

We sealed our tile twice before installing. We will seal again now that we have grouted.

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What type of Grout to use, sanded or un-sanded?
what color did you use?


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The grout width looks like it's 1/16" or maybe 1/8". You should use unsanded grout.

I just bought the grout for my Carrara marble backsplash which was installed yesterday. I bought Laticrete Silver Shadow which looks like a good match. I've also heard TEC Silverado is a good match, but that's very hard for me to find.

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I LOVE my marble backsplash- I am not a sophisticated cook but find no extraordinary care is needed- it's been a year since my remodel and it looks the same as first day of installation

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Marble backsplash for me too. No problem with stains. I did have the tile guy come back and seal it for a second time. If once is good, twice is better, right?

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You might want to consider a marble window sill right there behind the sink! It would be gorgeous!

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Jdechris, and mfnjsb0809, I love your backsplashes and need colors like that! Share details, please? I realize this is an old thread, but it is new for me :)

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I like mfnjsb's too so I googled it.. she says it's Carerra marble Dale Tile

Here is a link that might be useful: mfnjsb0809's

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Thanks kksmama and tracie.erin- I love the backsplash too- it is the sparkle in my small kitchen- I do have a lot of natural light in my kitchen and it is so reflective of the light- it really comes alive depending on the time of day.

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I love your backsplash! What are the details such as name/color of your tile and where did you find it?

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I really like your hardware, too

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Rose---here is the tile I used...3"x6" Pietra Art/Classic Mosaics China White Honed Marble from Florida Tile. The grout is Laticrete Perma Color in Color-Sauterne. I don't know what it is was sealed with but I have no staining at all.
I searched a long time for that tile and no way was I backing away from it even though it was marble.
I saw it at a couple tile stores..the tile on the board shows pure white but there is actually slight color variation to the tiles which I like.

Bookworm--the hardware was an absolute steal on ebay. They were less than $2 per pull. DH wanted a pull that he could get his fingers behind and these are great. They have a bit of an industrial look. They also look like they are secured by 2 screws on each side of the pull when actually it's 2 screws from the back into the pull. We love them. I looked on ebay and don't see them but I'll look deeper..the seller had hundreds of them.

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Thank you so much! I have been searching and searching through what seems like fields of tile! I found some similar tiles and brought the samples home before I saw your post. I will be sure to look for these and cross my fingers they work with our granite.

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