Solid Color Stain or Paint on deck?

christyincoSeptember 17, 2012

Which is better to use? I have a redwood deck that is in serious need of refinishing. I've decided to use a semi-transparent on the floor and top rails, but for the spindles and posts I'm going to either use a solid color stain or paint them. Which is the better to use? We live in Colorado and half of deck is in full sun. It takes a beating.

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Oil based stain. You'll not have peeling.

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Be careful. Oil based stains have changed. Read the label and follow the directions. Do not ignore the recommendations or you will invite a mess.
Solid color stain that is oil can probably be applied with no primer thereby eliminating a step, whereas a solid acrylic will probably need a primer. However, the acrylic will hold up in the sun better over time, providing it is properly applied.
Paint will have a heavier film build to it and maybe even some sheen, like a satin? Personally I'd be happier with the look of stain, which is flat.

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