Need Help with a Spa Skimmer issue

marta_pJune 8, 2011

Hi everyone, when we were ironing out the details of our pool/spa build we wanted to have a raised spa, using the same equipment as the pool, but without a spillover.

Our pool builder said it was possible and designed it using a skimmer that fed to the pool. We've had some challenges.

The first is that the skimmer was originally placed too low in the spa, so the PB chipped it out and raised it up to the tile line.

In order to raise the water level to a normal depth, they put a raised pipe inside the skimmer to get the water up to mid-tile height.

When the water was added there was a horrible sucking sound when ever the pool was running. To alieviate that, the BP lowered the pipe. The sucking sound was greatly reduced but now the water level is super low.

With 2.5 ppl (my husband, me, and our four year old) in the spa, with jets running, the water is at bottom rib height and not touching the tile.

With this exception, our experience has been terrific and I'm so disappointed that this has happend!! Can anyone provide any advice on how to proceed? Do you think this can be fixed? We can't live with the sucking sound - it's CRAZY. I'd feel really jipped if we have to live with the lowered water level. Thanks in advance and I apologize for the length of this post!!!! Marta

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marta p,
It's an easy remedy. Ask the PB to raise the tiled throat of the skimmer so it slopes from the center of the tile down to the bottom of the front of the plastic skimmer. This eliminates the tube and maintains the proper water level. Good luck.

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Just curious...why didn't you want the spillover?

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thanks Golfgeek, one question. The skimmer isn't the same that's in the pool (that does have tile at the bottom), the one in the spa is just a white plastic square that looks almost identical to the one I've linked to below.

The PB put a pipe in the center to raise up the water level, but that's what's causing the suction problems. Do you think if the PB could do something to keep the "flap" static that would have the same effect? I appreciate your insight, thanks!!!

Luvh20 -funny, we didn't want the spillover b/c my husband hates the noise they make. oooops.

Here is a link that might be useful: link to skimmer that is similar to one in our spa

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marta p,
If there is no tile in front of the skimmer opening that can be raised, perhaps a piece of plastic can be attached with glue and ss screws to the skimmer face and serve the same purpose. The weir gate(flap) will not provide the positive seal needed.
The gurgling will be diminished substantially, but you may still have to put up with a little noise. It helps to be able to use the skimmer basket to pick up leaves, etc.

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Thanks Golfgeek. The thing is - I don't think it's fair that we should have to do something that's going to lessen the quality/look of our spa when it was the PB's mistake and we paid a pretty penny for it. So frustrating! Of course they haven't returned my e/mails all week, so who knows what's happening! Ugh.

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