old stain is Olympic penetrating oil that is no longer available?

terrytomatoSeptember 19, 2011

I built an addition onto my house with a balcony deck and used some stain that was left over that matched the lower deck. Since the posts were too far apart for code we put smaller posts in between on the lower deck and started to stain the lower deck but ran out of the product. I tried finding the same product but it is no longer available. The stain that is available now is not a "penetrating oil formula" that was originally used but instead a "durable acrylic/oil formula." I don't think this will match what I already started and I don't think I will be able to use the acrylic formula over what I just stained with the penetrating oil. Also, the old stain on the lower deck is also done in the penetrating oil but it is years old. Can this be covered with the acrylic formula?

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Why not try another brand of oil stain. I have used Olympic (Millenium) oil stain and it did not last as well as claimed on the label. The last time I switched to Cabot Oil stain and it did last a year longer than the Olympic. Comes in many tints and you might find one that matches. Lowes has samples on different woods if I recall.

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