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aloha2009September 29, 2012

We would like to build some steps that would direct traffic in 3 different directions BUT we'd like to keep the width from getting out of control. The top would will be 6' wide with 5 steps. The only design we could come up with (depending on tread size of course) the ultimate width would be 16' at the base.

If you have any pics or care to explain to us a design that wouldn't be so wide but would give us the same functioning, we'd love to hear/see your ideas.

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Unusual to direct to three directions from top of landing. Also difficult to provide required handrail. If possible, would be best to have stairs come down in one direction and allow traffic to turn at base of stair.

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Are you talking about doing a box stair of some kind? Like this?

What's your total rise?

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Weedyacres. mostly. We were thinking of angling the corners instead of a 90 degree angle. Just like you pic shows, the base grows approx 2' (1' on each side) for every steps. With approx 32" it could be quite wide if we start out with the first step being 6' wide

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Were you thinking angling the corners more or less than 90 degrees? I'm assuming more than, but wanted to check to make sure I understand you.

To answer your question, the only way to narrow the bottom is to narrow the top. If your treads are 10" wide, and you have 5 of them, your bottom will be 100" wider (10" x 5 x 2) at the bottom than at the top. It's simple, unadulterated math.

Making the angle wider doesn't change that.

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So my next question, is there a way that I can have it look like it's getting much wider as you traverse down the steps w/o adding a ton of extra width. 12-18" would be acceptable.

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First you were worried about it looking too big, and now you want it to look wide but not be wide? I'm getting confused. The short answer to your question is no, you can't have it be one way but look another. There's basic math that says how wide your steps will be at the bottom if you start with X at the top and have Y steps. There's no way around that.

If you're looking for general solutions about traffic flow, then try posting some photos or drawings of plans and we might be able to come up with solutions other than box stairs.

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