Help Me Pick Kitchen/Family Room Window Treatments

malhgoldApril 7, 2012

Now that I have a direction with fixing the color of my front door and shutters, I'm moving onto picking kitchen window treatments. The kitchen has been done for about 2 1/2 years, but just hadn't found anything I like until now. I'm going with flat roman shades and was hoping you could tell me which of these 3 patterns you think is best in the space. The shades will be going on the 2 windows in the kitchen and the 2 in the family room on either side of the slider.

I know the pink is a little "out there", but I do have quite a bit of wine/burgundy in the surrounding rooms and thought that might help tie it in. I think it's my least favorite, but looks like it could be fun if I had the guts to order it!!

Family Room/Eating Area


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Annie Deighnaugh

I prefer the floral vs the geometric and like the idea of adding color to the space. The only thing is, in your pictures anyway, the predominant color is more peachy than pink (frame over fireplace and place mats) and I'm concerned with how those would go. Does the fabric or something similar come with a more orange-y bent?

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I like the black floral - will you be using it anywhere else? Does it come in other colors? Orange?
I love trellis prints - unfortunately, I couldn't find one for my house that worked
You may want to look for a trellis print.
Your space is very modern and very pretty!!

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I like the black floral best. I think you'll tire of the chevron, but it would look good as an accent that is easier to change, like a pillow.

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I love the black floral. But I am concerned that the repeat of the pattern will mean that when the roman shades are raised, the pattern will pretty much disappear.

Would you consider something like this? I like the black and grey, and the curves in the pattern bring some softer feel to the space that is full of hard angles everywhere.

emilio licorice

I think this one could be interesting, too:

vintage blossom dove

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Thanks everyone...definitely leaning towards the black floral. The mirror isn't orange, just seemed to photograph that way. It's more of the wood tone of the floor.

The vertical repeat is 12" and the square windows are 36" tall and the rectangles are 48" tall. I'm planning on having these down 2/3 of the way for the majority of the time, so i'd see about 2 pattern repeats on the square window, but that's definitely a valid point.

I took down the other 2 patterns and I really am liking the black floral. I think it will add a modern softness to the space. I might just bite the bullet finally!

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Another vote for the black floral.

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I would throw caution to the wind and do the pink, but then again, you should see my house. It's like a color wheel :)

Otherwise, I'd choose the black floral.

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First, I wanted to say that it's so nice to see the kitchen and the eating area and the family room all done!!! It's been so fun watching it all evolve here on GW.

When I looked at your first picture, for a split second I thought those were sheets or something hanging on the clothes line. I thought that was funny.

I prefer the black floral. BUT, I love the idea of the punch of color. I'm not sure about the pink though. Have you seen anything similar with maybe an orange color? I think you might be surprised by the way the orange and grays will work together. (Not that pink and gray don't work. I'll be using that combo somewhere in the new house)

Keep us posted!

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I shouldn't have read the other responses, now I am second guessing my choice. I really like the geometric, it goes with your modern tendencies, the unique tile work, and isn't too heavy. The flowers are cute but have a randomness that seems a little disruptive to the calm space. BTW, I really like your fireplace painted but miss the brightness and energy of your old artwork. Sort of contradicting but I like the edges to be calm and then a central, lively piece of art. Anyway, your house is lovely!

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I'd do the coral...and repeat the color with some pillows.

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Here's a link to the coral flower. I'm just not sure I can take the plunge......I have this b/w stripe rug on the floor in front of the fireplace. Not sure if the coral works with that.

Here is a link that might be useful: Coral Floral

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That coral is pretty awesome. Can you order a bigger sample and live with it a while? I like the black and white too though. What I really like about any of the florals is that the floral pattern mirrors the shape of the lights over your island (as well as the vase by the fireplace).

Are you loving the fireplace painted white? If it were me, I'd think about painting it the same gray as your wall of cabinets. It seems like it would be a little warmer. I do like it painted much better than before. Your space is so lovely.

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The black floral is lovely. Then I think I would do a large really colorful rectangular tall and wide painting over the fireplace that extends out larger than the FP opening. That would be awesome! But it looks great now. Beautiful job!

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Still working on this. Do you like either of these?

The dark flower is an espresso color, not black. Would that work even though my cabs and most accents in this room are black?

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Hi Malhgold! I have the exact same reaction everytime I see your kitchen. My heart goes--YES!!

I have a sample of the gray imperial trellis you just posted. It has been in my group of favorite fabrics I might use in the new kitchen or maybe the FR, LV or DR. Specific, huh? ;-) All the rooms have gray or grayish (not every room is the same color) walls.

The second fabric is fun and energetic! Since I'm assuming that very little of the whole pattern will show when the shades are up, I could see that pattern working. The coral-ish shades pick up those in the family room(?).

And could you please tell me about that last pattern? I think the colors might be right for my DD's room. Thanks!

Can't wait to see what you decide! And maybe that means you'll be getting closer to an all out kitchen reveal? :-)

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I like the black and white geometric in the first group. It makes the most sense to me with your wonderful rooms. Can you have the shades made up with it and banded on the sides with a shock of color like the pink or wine?

I like the floral prints but the pattern would get lost on a shade, even with the repeat you describe. If you were doing long curtains it would be perfect (as the geometric would be too much).

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I like the black floral,it's lovely and can match with your room.

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I like the grey Dwell studio fabric. I love that particular pattern and think it would look really nice in your room. Your space is beautiful!

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I think that I have seen this room evolve so much, that it may not really stop. So I am suggesting strong pattern but on a sheer that is tone on tone (Shade Store)

Eames Dot Negative:

Panton Geometri:

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I like the black and white floral from your original post the best. The white ground and the fact that the pattern is not dense makes it seem balanced in your room, and not overwhelming like the more colorful floral you posted later.

I wouldn't choose the geometrics - I think your rooms are disciplined and straight lined enough, and that a little looseness in the shade pattern while keeping to black and white would soften the whole business just enough.

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I agree with palimpset - I would like to see a more subtle tone-on-tone fabric in that space. It is a lovely, soothing space, and I think the fabric you selected might overpower the space. I like the first one pal posted, or you might consider a soft gray with a light geometric design or even white with a more subtle black patten. That said, I love the floral AND chevron fabric and even have used the pink floral fabric myself. Here's my toddler's room:

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