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lonewolf69September 19, 2010

Hi John, Ken,

It's been four years since I installed my IPE deck. Glass Railings ligths in deck...

I was laid off due from my job since I last posted and my priorities have been shifted to my home/family rather than my IPE deck. Now that I'm settled in again, (finally) and have some time & energy, I'm once again looking to finish/stain my deck.

In the four year, I havent done any maintenance on the IPE deck at all, and so I'm hoping RAD/Woodzotic is the way to go, but I can see from Ken's website that Woodzotic is no longer available? Ken, what's going on?

Anyway, it's great to be back and I wish the two of you well. Thanks to John, I'm so glad I didn't go with Trex... :)


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PS. I used the IPE clip for the tongue-groove and four years in NY/Long Island weather wihtout issues of cupping or tearing... I just need to really get started on the staining now... :)

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Hi Ya Alex !

As it turned out Ken was just relableing product from these guys >> They have a two part system that will probley work for your project its exactley the same as Ken was selling. I have used their finish and its not bad at all but I still use the twp 100 series.

Hang in there Bud. J.

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Thanks John! Glad to hear about the TWP. I still have it, still sealed never opened... *sigh*...

Refresh my memory on the following:

1. How to Prep the deck to apply TWP
2. After it's applied months, years later and it needs to be stained again, do I need to remove previous
3. If I need to remove previous application, is it the same as step #1

Again - Sorry that it's been such a LONG time since I last spoke to you, and thanks again for your advice and help!!! :)

My offer for the BEERS and FOOD still stand if you EVER find yourself in the NY/Long Island area!! :)

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By now the twp shelf life is over but you might check it anyway.

You will need to bring back the color from the gray/silver. The oxalic base brightner WoodRich sales will do that along with some scrubing. I am thinking no finish at all has been put on.

After twp is on there is no need to strip it,ever,just clean it up and put another coat on. J.

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Thanks John! I greatly appreciate it!

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Sure,glad to help.

Me going to NY would be like a long tail cat going to a rocking chair factory but thanks anyway. J.

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As John said the TWP has probably exceeded it's shelf life so the product may have changed enough chemically to not be useful. So check that with the manufacturer.

In addition, where have you had this stored for all this time? If it has been outside, even in an unheated/uncooled space like a garage, it may have gone through very high temps or freezing temps which may have rendered it useless regardless of shelf life.

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Hi Mike, John,

I just got off the phone with Mike @ TWP and he says it shouldn't be an issue, use Wood Rich two step or RAD and then THOROUGHLY mix the TWP with a paint mixer until well blended...

I'll try on a couple of pieces of SCRAP IPE that I have laying around weathered the same as my deck...

If that doesn't work, I will go ahead and buy new product...


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