Test results of honed marble - etches buffed right out but .....

lexmomof3March 11, 2013

Grease left a stain I can't get out. It is also sealed with Dry Treat. I'm so disappointed. It is Alabama White marble. I was so happy when I was able to COMPLETELY buff out the etches in a matter of seconds. I etched it with vinegar, mustard, salsa, red v8 splash, ketchup and A1. Then I put grease on it. I mixed flour, water and a little dish detergent into a paste, smeared it on the stain, covered it with plastic wrap and left it overnight. Then I let it dry and scraped it off. The stain was still there. I'm so disappointed. I thought for sure it was going to work for me. I'm not 100% ruling it out yet but I think it's time to consider alternatives. I'll keep trying to get the stain out but I don't want to have to go through this every time hubby cooks bacon or fries something. I'll certainly get the "I told you so".

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I think it depends on your lifestyle. Life can be so hectic, do you really want to worry about what you set on your counter tops? There are so many beautiful light colored granites and quartzite. Take your time and I am sure you will decide what is best for you and your family.

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Have you tried a poultice on it? A friend of mine (or her husband) left a bottle on her counter for a long time that left something lavender purple on her polished Carrara bathroom counter. Between the baking soda-based poultice and time, it's lifted itself out. You can't even see it anymore. I guess the plus of porous is what goes in may work its way out as well.

In addition, how often do you leave spilled grease for an extended period of time? That's a non-issue in our house since we're neurotic clean freaks, but we also don't have children.

Finally, our stone people told us that DuPont is offering a 15 year stain warranty with its Bulletproof sealant - (http://www2.dupont.com/Stone_Tech_Professional/en_US/products/warranty_program/consumer_warranty.html) and Granite Gurus did a test and found that Tiger Ager was the best sealer. So maybe it is worth trying a different sealer?

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If that's true, save your money and forget the Dry Treat. Isn't that the stuff they say prevents -- or at least resists etches enough to give you time to wipe up spills? I hate the plastic feeling that gave to the surface of the stone. I found laminate less objectionable. If you had to buff, I suspect you took the Dry Treat off in the process.

I have Italian honed marble that has had lemon juice spilled on it and I have done fondant work with Crisco smeared on it. The lemon juice was wiped up quickly -- and I couldn't believe that it didn't leave an etch. My regular sealer (Stone Tech) apparently gave me a few seconds to do a quick wipe up I'm sure it would have left a big etching if it had been loft for a while. The Crisco -- not an issue at all.

I think you know in your heart if you are a marble person. I've used the worn jeans and wrinkled linen examples before. Bottom line, if you want marble because it looks so rich and elegant, I think you are more likely to be disappointed. If marble has more of a vintage charm and any imperfections are part of the collected stories it can tell, then it will probably work for you.

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Debbi Branka

I have honed statuary marble. It is sealed with 511 sealer. When brand new, milk left stains, but then they magically disappeared. When I sealed again (I think the third time), the milk no longer stained. Same with oil. I would stop trying stuff on the grease stain. I didn't use poultices or anything on my oil stains. They just came out on their own after a while. It should come out all by itself in a few days or so. After your stains are all out, seal with 511 a time or two (or three). Etches, on the other hand, have nothing to do with the marble being sealed or not. I'd like to know how you buffed those out because I have many. I barely even notice them. I wouldn't trade my marble for any other stone or imitation.

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