What do I do now that Salt has been added?

marta_pJune 30, 2011

Hi all, the pool service company that our PB contracted for startup was out this week to put the salt in our pool but didn't leave directions on what we should be doing! Can anyone tell me if there is a certain process I should be following, i.e., not swimming, checking chemicals more frequently, keeping Ph balance at a certain level, etc.? Thanks very much in advance, Marta

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It varies, did the pool service company leave you a contact number? If not call the PB and have them advise.

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thanks goyom. I did call the service company and they said it was set for 75% salinity and that it should be perfect. I'll dig around in my materials when I get home to see if there's a guide that came with the SWG. I read the TFP guide as well so am feeling more confident : )

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TFP is your friend for pool care. Before long, you'll learn your pool chems and it's needs,


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