pentair heater IGN lockout problem

eeguy62June 4, 2011

I have a Pentair MINMAX NT with a ignoitopm lock out problem.\r\nHetaer will go through entire cycle where it leights the burners for a few secponds then it shuts down. It does this 3x and flashes led 3x.

I already checked the Pressure SW, and replaced the flame sensor.

What i noticed after closer inspection s that the burner to the right of the flames sensor do not light. However the ones on the left do light. My thought is that because the burners on the right are not lit the flames sensor is not detecting the appropriate anout of heat to continue.

How do I properly remove the burners to inspect/clean?

What else can be the cause of this?

The amnual does not provide any guidance on how to properly remove the burners or heat exchanger to do a proper inpsection or cleaning.

Can anyone provide some guidance?

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