Will I be sorry??

sum1September 29, 2009

Hi , we are going to be having a covered front porch built onto our small one level ranch style home. it will be two diff. widths half will be 8' and then cut in to 6' for a toltal length of 40', roof will be tied in and a gable above entry to break roof line.

I am going to have it done all PT. (based on cost..$10k) to have the posts and rails vinyl it will be an additional $3k , will I be sorry having PT rails and posts?? we plan to paint them white, will this help them to last??

I know this isn't as fancy and expensive as what alot of you have but it's all we can afford, and I long to enjoy a porch, so please don't jump me about being "cheap"

I don't know much about this topic and don't want to be sorry.

Thankyou for any help

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Millions of people have PT decks and porches and don't know enough to be sorry. It's the curse of GW that we can all see the best of the best and think we have to have it.

PT wood will last a long time, and will do better under a covered porch than on an open deck. It won't last as long as a brazilian hardwood or vinyl, and won't age as well either, or look as high-end, but it's not the end of the world.

Only you know your financial circumstances, so only you can determine whether you'll be sorry for your choice. If spending $3K more will cause you to lose more sleep than having a PT instead of vinyl railings, and every other house in the neighborhood has PT, then go with the PT.

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If you are going to paint the posts and railings, p.t. isn't very paintable cosmetic wise. Poplar or a fir pine might work better, but the key is maintenance and keeping fresh paint on not letting it go. Properly prepping, priming and top coating,(typically two coats), will give more longevity on a paint project, but how long depends on the severity of your area, ( wet or dry, hot/cold, freezing, etc).

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Thankyou for your responses, it did give me a bit of reassurance,
Weedy... I sat here one day and read your entire thread. you rock, your deck is amazing !!! I am also a female who enjoys dabbling where many don't, but to take on what you have done is awesome
I ended up choosing to spend the extra $$ and go with vinyl
I figured with buying the primer then paint and the upkeep I will wind up saving what I would have spent.
Thankyou Again !!!!

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Pt lumber does fine when its painted.Is a good idea to let it dry out a little but defentley not a period of months. In fact pt lumber can be primed and painted right away but the upkeep will be due a little faster. J.

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