Pavers without Solder Course Border??

bryanazJune 7, 2011

Today we are going through our pool setup and punch list. It has been a GREAT experience with our PB, and we love our pool. Concerned about one thing regarding our travertine paver deck - as you can see the deck crew did not install a soldier course border and we are already seeing the smaller pieces come loose and fall off. It's a great look and shows the attention to detail with all of the cuts however it seems to me that a solider course should be a standard to hold the border intact. Any input is appreciated.

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Maybe they aren't done yet? May be putting in a hard plastic strip nailed into ground to hold things in place?

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Hi Neil - thanks for the reply. Yes they were finished from what I understand. Working with my PB to find a resolution. They came out and fixed a half dozen or so that had come loose already. If a border is not put in this will continue to happen.

Thankfully I went with one of the most respectable pool builders in the valley - I am confident we'll get this resolved with some kind of border.

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Are you California or Presidential?

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We just finished our travertine deck and they poured a 'Toe line' of mortar around the edge of the deck. This comes about halfway up the pavers and is meant to be covered with dirt so that it is unseen. I have provided a link to the picture of our pool .

Here is a link that might be useful:

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thank you very much for the reply and picture - hopefully we'll get ours resolved ASAP. This is definitely an option for us.

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Wanted to post the latest back on this thread and show some pics of how are pool builder addressed our issue with the border. This is 5x the border that we had before - hopefully this will keep everything in place. Very happy with the way this came out.

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