Pressure washing marks

mattanSeptember 15, 2012

My painter pressure washed my deck despite me telling him I didn't want him doing anything to it. He did so carelessly and left marks. I just want him away from my house ASAP, so I'll be the one fixing it. (and I was planning to touch it up myself, any way).

It's an ipe deck. I plan to use the restore a deck system and then twp. ( I've done it before and it currently has twp on it.)

Questions: will the marks show through after after that process? Do I need to sand? If so, do I need to sand the whole deck so I don't have uneven stain from the sanding? (he also dripped paint and allowed it to dry, so I'm sanding that off anyway, so the last question stands even if the marks don't need to be sanded.

Thanks in advance, and thanks for all the past advice to others. It was invaluable when I was building/finishing my deck initially.

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If you want the finish to be even and the pressure washing marks to not be visible yes you need to sand the entire deck. The next concern is how deep are the marks as your nails or screws may now all need to be reset deeper as well. Why in the world would he pressure washer it against your wishes and my other concern would be how much pressure did he use to put marks like that in an Ipe deck? You need to rethink whom you hire as well!

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Moron. A pressure washer properly used is a handy tool. In the hands of someone who doesn't care it invites crap like this.
I hope you get the look you want in the end but it may take the sanding to do it.

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